Choices at Sunrise

Posted April 05, 2012, at 10:53 a.m.

What healthy choices will you make today?

Will you…

take the dog on an extra long walk?

pick up trash around school?

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turn on music instead of the TV?

make a green smoothie instead of begging for the drive-thru?

Every morning, you have the chance you make yourself great. No matter how small the choice, each one you make is an opportunity to make yourself a better person and the planet a better home.

The easiest thing to control is what you put into your mouth. Is it a habit to grab a processed, sugary, no-nutrient snack? You are not doing yourself any favors! The next time you go to mindlessly pop an icky food in your mouth, ask “Is this the kindest thing I can be doing for myself?”

If the answer is NO, make a Be Kind Smoothie instead!


in a high-powered blender, add

1 cup freshly squeezed OJ

1 ripe banana

2 cups cubed cantaloupe

2 stalks celery

handful baby spinach

honey, stevia or agave to taste (optional)


blend until smooth (can add more OJ for a thinner consistency) and feel the love!

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