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6 Careers That Make You a Better Person

Posted Aug. 28, 2014, at 1:06 p.m.
Last modified Aug. 28, 2014, at 3:33 p.m.

Whether you’re a college student considering degree choices or a professional considering a career change, you want to find a job that gives you more than a paycheck. Seeing the positive impact your work has on others and your community is highly motivating, satisfying, and rewarding. Get ready to feel like a better person with these six do-good careers.

Physical Therapist

Easing someone else’s pain is sure to make you feel like a better person. Physical Therapists help people heal from accidents, surgeries, trauma, and sports injuries. This is a high-growth area job with decent salaries in the $70,000 range. But the real pay-off is seeing a patient progress from debilitated to fully active. Some physical therapists runs their own offices, while others work in hospitals or residential care facilities.

Shelter Chef

If cooking is something you already enjoy, imagine how much better you’ll feel feeding people who have no food. While you won’t become a millionaire as a shelter chef, you will gain an extended family of like-minded and compassionate volunteers and workers. Not to mention the rewarding knowledge that hundreds of people will not go hungry on your watch. You’ll find this job, and similar ones, on non-profit job boards.

Social Worker

Social workers improve the lives of the people most often ignored in the world: children, the mentally ill, seniors, the homeless, and drug addicts. This is a hands-on advocacy job where you come face-to-face with the underserved people in your community. According to the University of New England, social workers find jobs in hospitals, schools, prisons, community centers, and federal agencies.


Any parent will talk your ear off about the joy of watching a child learn something for the first time. Multiply that feeling by the 20 (or more) kids in your class and you have one rewarding work day. If you’re extra patient and understanding, consider an equally satisfying and challenging job as a Special Education Teacher.

Senior Assisted Living Coordinator

This is a job that is about to take off. With the senior population rapidly growing (and with no end in sight) there are more and more seniors in assisted living complexes. These centers need people who are will to cater to the seniors with activity and fitness programs. If you’re creative and a natural leader, you’re the ideal candidate to help seniors live their final years to their fullest.

Emergency Responder

Police officers, firefighters, and paramedics literally put their life on the line to save others. You need bravery and a genuine commitment to improve the safety of your community, for these physically demanding jobs. Shift work and long hours can make these positions arduous, but you will truly be a hero.

If none of these jobs piqued your interest, consider becoming the CEO of your own philanthropic company and be the change you want to see in the world. At the end of the work day, your job should allow you to go home a better and happier person.

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