Election 2012

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Thomas H. Martin

Party affiliation: R
Residence: Benton

On the Issues

How do you propose the Legislature closes Maine’s budget gap?

Reduce Government Regulation and Spending, Create a Climate for Business growth which will create job opportunities and produce tax revenue to strengthen our bottom line.

Do you think same-sex marriage should be legal in Maine?

I am not a supporter of same sex marriage.

Do you support school choice?

I do support school choice.

Do you think Maine's school consolidation program has been successful?

I do not. I believe in theory there are some benefits to consolidation, but given this states population and demographics, it lends a unique challenge to such a venture.

Do you think Maine should expand MaineCare as proposed by the president under the Affordable Care Act?

I do not.

What is the biggest thing Maine can do to attract more jobs to the state?

Lower the cost of overhead for companies willing to come to Maine.I.E. Energy, Insurance, offer skilled work force.

Do you support lowering the state income tax? What state spending would you cut to make up for the loss of revenue?

I think we the changes we made in the 125th we have put the State on a path to a sustainable tax rater. I am certain there are room in all departments to streamline operations, improve efficiencies which would allow for a reduction in the overall state budget.

Are Maine's public assistance benefits too generous? How should they be changed?

I believe for some they may be. There should be an evalution of accountability for the benefits received. I believe in helping people who need a hand. It should not be a generational way of survival.

What should the state do to lower energy costs?

We would all love to find that silver bullet. I think the current administration has taken steps to secure the volitility in the energy market. There is a lot of work to still be done to get the cost of energy lowered and keep it there. Unfortunately this is a National issue as well.

Should Maine place more restrictions on abortion?

Candidate has not answered this question.