Election 2012

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Ryan Tipping-Spitz

Ryan D. Tipping-Spitz

Party affiliation: D
Residence: Orono

On the Issues

How do you propose the Legislature closes Maine’s budget gap?

We must grow our economy. We should undo the big, new tax breaks for the wealthy and invest in our schools and our communities instead. For more information on any issue, please feel free to contact me at oronoryan@gmail.com or by phone at 866-4333.

Do you think same-sex marriage should be legal in Maine?


Do you support school choice?

I support public education in Maine. We must take every step to make sure our public schools offer all children the best possible education.

Do you think Maine's school consolidation program has been successful?

I support the goals of reducing administrative costs and allowing more money for teaching, but the program has not succeeded as planned.

Do you think Maine should expand MaineCare as proposed by the president under the Affordable Care Act?

The MaineCare expansion is paid for federally. To not provide that care would be wrong. Health care should be a right, not a privilege

What is the biggest thing Maine can do to attract more jobs to the state?

Invest in our schools. An educated workforce and strong dedication to R&D will help us to regrow old sectors and create new ones.

Do you support lowering the state income tax? What state spending would you cut to make up for the loss of revenue?

I do not support the tax breaks given to the wealthiest by the Republicans last session. We must work to build a fair tax code.

Are Maine's public assistance benefits too generous? How should they be changed?

We must stop the cuts to our safety net. The recent rollbacks of programs like Head Start only hurt the children who most need our help.

What should the state do to lower energy costs?

We should continue to invest in alternative energy projects like tidal power and offshore wind.

Should Maine place more restrictions on abortion?