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L Scott D'Amboise in May 2006

L. Scott D’Amboise

Party affiliation: R
Residence: Lisbon

On the Issues

How would you balance the federal budget/reduce the federal deficit?

STOP SPENDING! Follow the Constitution, audit the FED, reduce the 67,000 page tax code and eliminate the IRS and go to a fair tax. These are some of the ways to start on the problem. We didn’t get into this overnight and it will not get resolved overnight. It will take sacrifice and hard work.

What steps do you support to reform Social Security and Medicare?

I would follow the Ryan Plan.

Would you sign a pledge to never raise federal taxes? Why or why not?

I already have.

How should health care be reformed?

We need to get government out of the way. We should be allowed to purchase our health insurance like we do our auto or life insurance. Interstate purchasing would cause competition and by competition the lower cost would be passed onto the consumer.

Do you support a woman’s right to an abortion?

I believe that life begins at the moment of conception. I am Pro Life

In Congress, would you support DOMA or legislation to allow civil unions or gay marriage?

I do not support gay marriage or civil unions.

Should the federal government have a role in K-12 education?


What are the benefits of school choice? Vouchers? Should they be available for private and religious schools?

I believe the money should follow the child. Parents have the right to send their children to whatever school they prefer. I am a big supporter of homeschooling.

Do you believe climate change is happening? Do humans contribute to it? What should Congress do to address the problem?

I believe the earth goes through cycles. I do not believe humans have had the impact that the science community is suggesting. This shouldn’t be a government issue.

What should the country’s energy policy look like?

We need to get off all foreign oil and produce our own energy. Oil, natural gas, or clean coal, we have ample supplies of energy in our own country. By producing our own energy it would not only solve our energy problem but look at how many jobs it would create.