Election 2012

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Justin Benjamin Pollard

Party affiliation: D
Residence: Portland

On the Issues

How would you balance the federal budget/reduce the federal deficit?

75% spending cuts, 25% tax increases. Reform Social Security and Medicare. Reduce subsidies to fossil fuel and agriculture industries.

What steps do you support to reform Social Security and Medicare?

Introduce means testing. Raise eligibility ages and payroll tax cap. Reduce health care costs. Merge payroll and personal income taxes.

Would you sign a pledge to never raise federal taxes? Why or why not?

No, tax increases need to be options to reduce deficit. We must simplify tax code and eliminate deductions, and create carbon tax.

How should health care be reformed?

Reduce expenditures, particularly on end-of-life care. Reduce costs through preventative care, nutrition education and exercise. Repeal ACA.

Do you support a woman’s right to an abortion?

I believe decisions on legality of abortion should be made by the states. I support right to life of unborn babies other than in some cases.

In Congress, would you support DOMA or legislation to allow civil unions or gay marriage?

I would not support DOMA. I believe decisions about gay marriage and civil unions should be made by the states. I support same-sex marriage.

Should the federal government have a role in K-12 education?

Federal government should have very limited role in K-12 education, perhaps setting minimum standard for a high school graduation exam.

What are the benefits of school choice? Vouchers? Should they be available for private and religious schools?

School choice and voucher programs can introduce competition, incentives and independence to schools, including private and religious ones.

Do you believe climate change is happening? Do humans contribute to it? What should Congress do to address the problem?

Catastrophic climate disruption is definitely happening and created by humans. Congress should pass a carbon tax to reduce CO2 emissions.

What should the country’s energy policy look like?

Energy policy should focus on conservation, support renewable energy, especially solar, and redesign transport with rail and bicycle use.