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Gwendolyne Elissa Tuttle

Gwendolyne Elissa Tuttle

Party affiliation: R
Residence: Portland

On the Issues

How do you propose the Legislature closes Maine’s budget gap?

A significant reduction in spending is essential and a reallocation of funds from ineffective legislation/programs is required. An example of this is reducing incarceration sentences for non-violent drug related crimes (which costs the tax payer over $35,000 per year to incarcerate just one individual) and reallocate some of these funds to a more effective rehabilitation model (ex. the Drug Court program) which costs the tax payers significantly less and actually reduces recidivism.

Do you think same-sex marriage should be legal in Maine?

Allowing the government to play a role in the interpersonal relationships of Maine citizens (ie. granting a marriage license) creates an environment open to discrimination. As seen with current legislation (defining marriage as occuring only between one man and one woman). Eliminating government’s role in marraige will also eliminate the ability of any one group to impose discriminatory legislation against another group.

Do you support school choice?

Yes. Parents should have the freedom of choice when it comes to securing the best education possible for their children. Effectively educating the youth of Maine is essential to creating a stronger, more prosperous state. Charter schools and alternative education models should be encouraged and explored.

Do you think Maine's school consolidation program has been successful?

Candidate has not answered this question.

Do you think Maine should expand MaineCare as proposed by the president under the Affordable Care Act?

No. Expanding Mainecare will require an increase in taxes and will only increase inflation and healthcare costs. The rise in the cost of healthcare is partially caused by government administered health insurance (Mainecare) which covers only part of Maine’s population but is paid for by all taxpayers. There is a large population of Mainers who cannot afford health insurance, are not impoverished enough to receive Mainecare, but still financially support it through taxes paid.

What is the biggest thing Maine can do to attract more jobs to the state?

Maine can reduce regulations and create a more business friendly environment. Maine can also provide incentives for small business growth. Tax incentives and regulation reduction will make it easier for small businesses to grow and will also encourage other businesses to consider coming to Maine.

Do you support lowering the state income tax? What state spending would you cut to make up for the loss of revenue?

Yes. (See first question) Additionally, by strengthening the economy and attracting more jobs, we receive more revenue. A healthy, self-regulating economy = increased state revenue.

Are Maine's public assistance benefits too generous? How should they be changed?

No. Maine’s public assistance benefits perpetuate poverty and are a tax burden on an already financially over-burdened state. Social welfare programs need to be audited and funds must be reallocated to a more effective model of public assistance that results in self sufficiency through employment.

What should the state do to lower energy costs?

Candidate has not answered this question.

Should Maine place more restrictions on abortion?

Government should not be involved in the healthcare system. This includes abortion procedures. Legislation regarding abortion allows the government to effectively tell a woman what she can or cannot do with her body. I believe firmly in personal liberty and do not support any legislation of this kind.