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Business Blogs

Disruptive Growth

Jess Knox is a former political consultant and high-ranking SBA official who is passionate about entrepreneurship and Maine. These days he helps companies manage growth through his firm Olympico Strategies.

Research Shows

Education. Jobs. Health. Poverty. Crime. Immigration. Environment. Campaigns. Rights. What does research show? Avoiding jargon, Maine’s Scholars Strategy Network explores pressing issues and democratic life.

Maine at Work

Jeffrey N. Young and Carol Garvan are attorneys for the workers’ rights law firm, McTeague Higbee in Topsham, Maine.Together they help all Maine workers - from hourly employees to executives - fight for their rights. They hope with this blog they can educate all of the workers of Maine about their rights on a number of different issues.

Moody on Economics

J. Scott Moody is CEO of The Maine Heritage Policy Center. He has more than 13 years of experience as a public policy economist, including six years as chief economist for MHPC and stints at The Heritage Foundation and the Tax Foundation.

Whit Richardson

Analysis, Anecdotes and Asides from Maine's Business Landscape

Education: Future Imperfect

Contemporary perspectives on education

Dr. Tech

JD Redmond is a Writer, Product Reviewer, Technical Analyst & A+ Certified Technician. I enjoy taking complicated subjects and putting them in a way easy for everyone to understand.

Change Up

President and Founder of Giving Strong, Inc. Christen is an experienced Social Responsibility professional, who loves making a difference, and has fun doing it. She's developed impactful, strategic giving and advocacy programs for organizations as diverse as public companies, family foundations and small start ups.

And Justice For All

Residents of the Midcoast area of Maine involved in divorce, custody and parental issues. Working to change a badly broken system through education and political action.