As eight Eastern Maine coaches look forward to state championship games this weekend, I would like to offer some tips that might be helpful in preparing for these games. For the coaches, the first thing to do is not waste time celebrating an Eastern Maine title. Read More
      Three days into the Eastern Maine tournament at the Bangor Auditorium, now comes that often-asked question. Are the tournament games officiated any differently than regular-season games? I have been asked by many basketball fans here in Eastern Maine this very… Read More
      Here's a trivia question about the Bangor Auditorium or the "Mecca" or the "Old Barn" as many have referred to the historical Bangor basketball landmark: Since it opened in 1955 what two organizations have used the Bangor Auditorium every year?   Having spent 21 years… Read More
    Defense has been called the “Desire to Perspire.” It is hard, unappreciated work in a game where high scorers are glorified. Good defense ultimately leads to state titles. I always started my five best man-to-man defensive players regardless of their offensive skills. Excellent high-percentage shot selection… Read More
    Holiday basketball tournaments during Christmas vacation started in the ’60s and are still going today. From the ’60s through 2008 there was no MPA policy, as there is today, limiting schools to only five countable dates for preseason or exhibition games including holiday tournaments. While coaching… Read More
    Every basketball coach has their own coaching style. There are some “D1 Wannabe High School Coaches” who try to act like Division I college coaches by trying to work the officials, prancing up and down the coaching box and implementing a very physical and athletic game. Read More
    With another high school basketball season under way, teams are already closely watching the Heal point standings and checking their team’s seeding. The Heal point system determines which teams qualify for tournament. It has been in place in Classes A and B since 1961 and in… Read More
    High school basketball is now in its second week of preseason and most squad selections have been made. Many players and parents have signed parent, player, coach and school contracts to participate. As a basketball coach I always had “Four Cardinal Rules” that parents were expected… Read More
    Last week’s column ended when I touched on the subjects of basketball brawl, bully basketball and basketball in comparing the teams of yesteryear with the teams of today. I’d like to take a further look at those subjects in relation to Maine high school basketball contact… Read More