Scott Cates of Old Town and his nephew, Grady Vanidestine, 9, of Brewer, went looking for moose Monday on the first day of the hunting season. The day was special since it was Vanidestine’s first hunt, and the first time Cates has been chosen for a permit in 30 years. Read More
    The snow and cold of winter are a fading memory and spring has arrived. It’s already mid May and the the days are getting longer and warmer. Out of state license plates have also arrived and are starting to appear around Lubec and surrounding areas. Read More
    I captured this photo of a curious Chickadee during a winter afternoon at the Fields Pond Audubon Center in Holden, Maine. Read More
    January went out with a roar today at Quoddy Head State Park. A coastal storm with winds and gusts above 50 miles per hour combined with a 1:43 PM high tide. The resulting ocean surge produced sea swells in excess of 20 feet and a spectacular… Read More
    An overall vista at Quoddy Head State Park, Lubec, Maine Sea smoke, Sail Rock back lit by sun rising over Grand Manan, New Brunswick, Canada. The ocean and narrows here take on a boiling cauldron appearance around this time of year due to severe temperature differences… Read More