Gov. Paul LePage answers questions from the audience during a town hall meeting at William S. Cohen School in Bangor on May 25.

LePage denies legislator’s request for information. Apparently, it’s ‘excessive disruption’

By The BDN Editorial Board on July 13, 2016, at 6:09 a.m.
It’s time LePage woke up from his obstructive and authoritarian daydream and recognized that governing is a collaborative exercise — and an exercise that affords the public a front-row seat.
Kelly Pierce of Bradenton, Florida, has struggled for years to kick his addiction to prescription opioids. Since 2009, he has been enrolled in treatment at Operation PAR, a Bradenton methadone clinic where he also works, near his home. Methadone, another opioid, reduces withdrawal symptoms from heroin and other narcotics. Pierce, 52, has gone from needing 125 mg of methadone each day to just 10 mg. When he reaches 5 mg per day, he plans to leave the program for good.

7 facts LePage doesn’t know about methadone but really should

By The BDN Editorial Board on July 12, 2016, at 1:50 p.m.
Editorial: It is pathetic that the leader of this state is still confused about science.
Bangor city councilors can be seen at a meeting in this December 2015 file photo.

Bangor can’t turn a blind eye to the need at its doorstep

By The BDN Editorial Board on July 10, 2016, at 7:12 a.m.
Stopping people from accessing treatment ensures the continuation of the very behavior the public wants to prevent.
A small memorial at the Greyhound Bus Station about a block from the shooting scene in Dallas on Thursday.

‘Violence never brings permanent peace’

By The BDN Editorial Board on July 08, 2016, at 2:32 p.m.
At a difficult and confusing time, we turn to leaders, past and present, who, in words wiser than we can write, offer solace and guidance as we negotiate the difficult days ahead.
Gov. Paul LePage

LePage’s office knew veto deadlines but fought anyway, wasting time and money

By The BDN Editorial Board on July 08, 2016, at 9:47 a.m.
Editorial: This is an outrageous waste and abuse of public resources.
Acadia National Park celebrates its centennial this summer.

Celebrate Acadia’s centennial with a new monument in Maine

By The BDN Editorial Board on July 07, 2016, at 12:26 p.m.
Editorial: It would be fitting to celebrate Acadia’s centennial by preserving a small piece of Maine’s famed North Woods.
Families who use SNAP benefits to buy food now can receive Maine Harvest Bucks incentives to use at the Ohio Street Farmers Market and dozens of farmers markets across the state.

Want people to eat healthier? Support farmers, local food programs

By The BDN Editorial Board on July 06, 2016, at 12:34 p.m.
Editorial: If the governor is truly concerned with improving the eating habits of Mainers, poor or not, he’d tout these efforts in his frequent town hall meetings and include some state funding for them in his budget proposals.
U.S. Sen. Angus King speaks in Bangor, Feb. 19, 2016.

Angus King’s anti-poverty bill responds to real problems with the nation’s safety net

By The BDN Editorial Board on July 05, 2016, at 11:42 a.m.
Editorial: Sen. Angus King recently introduced legislation that responds to many of these flaws in the nation’s 20-year-old welfare reform law.
Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump (center) signs autographs for supporters during his campaign rally on Wednesday at the Cross Insurance Center in Bangor.

What Trump didn’t talk about when he came to Bangor

By The BDN Editorial Board on July 04, 2016, at 5:09 p.m.
Editorial: Only in the race for the most powerful position on earth is there so much excitement centered on so little substance.
Bangor Fourth of July fireworks are seen from Brewer in this July 2015 file photo.

Happy Independence Day

By The BDN Editorial Board on July 03, 2016, at 2:06 p.m.
Read an excerpt from the document the Fourth of July holiday is about.
A statue of George Washington, the first president of the United States, is seen in Washington, Oct. 1, 2013.

How a long-ago warning about subverting the ‘power of the people’ is still relevant

By The BDN Editorial Board on July 01, 2016, at 2:38 p.m.
Editorial: The address holds an important reminder for us today: to put aside slight differences in religion, politics and habits and unite over the important values of liberty and independence.
Gov. Paul LePage

LePage creates more problems with unnecessary executive order

By The BDN Editorial Board on June 30, 2016, at 12:33 p.m.
Gov. Paul LePage has no shortage of insults for legislators, but his contempt for them doesn’t negate their constitutional responsibility to write laws and fund programs.
Supreme Court Associate Justice Elena Kagan

Why it matters that the Supreme Court upheld gun ban for domestic abusers

By The BDN Editorial Board on June 29, 2016, at 11:53 a.m.
When a gun is present, domestic violence victims are at greater risk of emotional and physical harm and death. The court’s upholding of the Lautenberg Amendment prevents a dangerous rollback of protections for domestic violence victims.
Maine Department of Health and Human Services Commissioner Mary Mayhew speaks in South Portland, Jan. 5, 2015.

Maine diverted millions in welfare funds, and Mary Mayhew’s defense is absurd

By The BDN Editorial Board on June 28, 2016, at 2:10 p.m.
Either the department broke the law or it provided false documents. It’s not hard to see who’s offering the lopsided perspective.
Paige Case, a chemical engineering undergraduate student at the University of Maine, works on the process of creating biofuel from waste wood.

LePage should support biofuels research, not enact pointless ethanol restrictions

By The BDN Editorial Board on June 27, 2016, at 10:51 a.m.
Gov. Paul LePage has turned his attention to the supposed dangers of ethanol in gasoline. Last week, he called for a state study of ethanol emissions and issued an executive order requiring state agencies to buy gasoline with only 5 percent ethanol. This is meaningless.
A store in St. Louis, Missouri, indicates it accepts food stamp benefits.

With food stamp recklessness, LePage shows little respect for federal law, Maine’s poor

By The BDN Editorial Board on June 25, 2016, at 3:07 p.m.
Gov. Paul LePage is so intent on keeping food stamp recipients from using their benefits to buy sugary drinks and candy that, apparently, he’s willing to put food assistance benefits at risk for more than 190,000 Maine residents.

Why Maine should follow Portland’s lead and raise tobacco purchase age

By The BDN Editorial Board on June 24, 2016, at 8:31 a.m.
Editorial: Portland city councilors on Monday unanimously agreed to raise the city’s tobacco purchase age to 21. This is a smart move that should prompt state lawmakers to take similar action.
The Pulse night club sign is pictured through a fence following the mass shooting there last week in Orlando, Florida, June 21, 2016.

Mass shootings are about isolation, anger — not religion or ethnicity

By The BDN Editorial Board on June 23, 2016, at 11:05 a.m.
Editorial: Dividing Americans and pitting them against those who follow a different religious faith or come from a different ethnic background won’t make us safer. It will only make us more fearful, angry and isolated.
Sen. Susan Collins speaks at a news conference with a bipartisan group of senators on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., U.S., to unveil a compromise proposal on gun control measures, June 21, 2016.

Collins offers hope for action on guns and reminds us there’s so much more to do

By The BDN Editorial Board on June 22, 2016, at 10:44 a.m.
Collins is offering a path forward that, we hope, will build the momentum needed for more significant changes.
Members of Maine's Native American tribes rallied outside the State House on Tuesday, May 26, 2015.

It’s time for tribes, Maine to renegotiate terms of tribal sovereignty, state authority

By The BDN Editorial Board on June 21, 2016, at 12:59 p.m.
Editorial: The central point of contention is that the tribes and state have different views of where tribal sovereignty ends and state authority begins. Without resolving this fundamental issue, the cycle of disagreements and disengagement will continue, hurting the tribes and the state.