This slideshow of photos from the Library of Congress showcases images of Mount Desert Island in the early 1900s. Tourism has been prevalent on the island since the mid-19th century. What now would be a line of cars in the bustling main streets of Bar Harbor used to… Read More
    Since the 1920s, February vacation week in Maine has featured high school basketball tournaments. Tourney Week 2015 has begun with Eastern Maine Class A teams playing at the Augusta Civic Center and B, C and D teams playing… Read More
    In the days before modern refrigeration, there was ice harvesting. Ice harvesting was started on the Kennebec River in 1860 by New York retailer James L. Cheeseman. In its heyday, between 1870 and 1890, more than 25,000 men converged on the Kennebec River to cut and… Read More
    About five years ago, while in New Jersey, Richard Burton stumbled upon hundreds of images of Vinalhaven, Maine. “There were 50 rolls of 35mm film in two metal boxes,” Burton said. “One box was marked ‘Vinal.’” The dealer at the flea market… Read More