Five food hotspots opening in Maine to cheer

on June 03, 2015, at 12:36 p.m.
If April showers bring May flowers, in the Pine Tree State this year May flowers unleashed a bumper crop of culinary surprises. And June is coming in like a ravenous lion. While you were shoveling, Maine’s restaurateurs and talented foodsmiths were busily dreaming up ways to drop more flavor on the …

Beer review: 04609 – Bar Harbor’s Double IPA

on June 02, 2015, at 7:01 p.m.
I wrote about 04609 in a previous post, proceeds from the beer will help fund a pilot hop program on a local farm on Mount Desert Island, Maine. Thanks to Atlantic Brewing Company for sending me a bottle to preview. Name: 04609 Brewed By: Atlantic Brewing Company Style: Double IPA …
Cheesemaker Allison Lakin makes basket-molded ricotta with organic cow's milk. The light cheese is a favorite at her artisan company Lakin's Gorges Cheese.

Seven Maine-made cheeses you must try now

By Kathleen Pierce on June 02, 2015, at 2:28 p.m.
ROCKPORT | The icy clutch of winter has receded. Verdant fields bloom across the state. Animals, finally freed from a cold-weather, hay diet, are grazing freely on new grass. For the lactose tolerant this is great news. The sweetest dairy products of the year are now within reach. As …
Granita, such as this tangerine variety, is an Italian ice that melts the minute it hits your tongue, and it's easy to make.

Chill out with fruity granita

By S. Irene Virbila, Los Angeles Times (TNS) on June 02, 2015, at 2:06 p.m.
Granita (pronounced grah-NEE-tah) is the name for an Italian ice of rough, jagged crystals. It melts the minute it hits your tongue, sending a shiver of cold straight down the throat. The classic flavors are lemon and coffee, but granita comes in other flavors too, including one made with jasmine. …

Chicken Souvlaki Salad

on June 02, 2015, at 1:24 p.m.
“If you want, we could go fly fishing tomorrow,” BDN Columnist John Holyoke said to me on Thursday afternoon. Fly fishing has been on my list of things I’ve wanted to try since moving to Maine last year. So I agreed, and soon, BDN reporter Natalie Feulner agreed to join …

Tube Steaks and Teriyaki Make Shoyu Weenies

on June 02, 2015, at 7:49 a.m.
The past couple of weeks, two young women, cousins, who grew up together in Fresno, California, have stayed with me as part of their summer adventure as volunteer members of World Wide Opportunties in Organic Farming, or WWOOF. I have had so much fun with Chloe Nakagawa and Deanna DesRouchey. …
A cactus rose carved out of a zucchini.

How to sculpt vegetables into flowers

By Erin Rhoda on June 01, 2015, at 7:21 p.m.
All you need is a knife and a zucchini.

Lunch and a brewery tour in Rockland, Maine

on May 31, 2015, at 6:32 p.m.
Saturday was a beautiful day to take a ride down the coast. We packed the kids up in the car and headed to Owls Head, Maine to check out the lighthouse and walk the beach, the kids had fun and it didn’t cost anything which is a bonus. Just down the …

Eat a lobster roll, help Nepal

on May 28, 2015, at 1:50 p.m.
To get chefs to jump into action on the cusp of the busy tourist season, or any day of the year, isn’t easy or enviable. So the lightening speed of Pop-up For Nepal, coming together in two short weeks, is as laudable as the lineup. On Monday, June 1, a …

New homebrew competitions being held in June and July

on May 28, 2015, at 10:31 a.m.
Are you or someone you know a homebrewer? If you are or know someone who is, you might be interested to know that there are two upcoming homebrew competitions: Inaugural Flag Day Homebrew Competition hosted by Atlantic Brewing Company Where: Atlantic Brewing Company When: Flag Day, Sunday, June 14, 2015 …
Ripe, juicy tomatoes are perfect for stuffing and are very inviting served on a platter with white bean salad for the simple vegetarian meal.

Cutting down on meat? Be careful what you replace it with

By Ellie Krieger, Washington Post on May 27, 2015, at 5:30 p.m.
If you are trying to eat less meat, you have plenty of company. Our cultural tide is flowing steadily in that direction. Just look around. There are multiple best-selling books touting the benefits of plant-based eating; the Meatless Monday campaign has gone mainstream, with awareness and participation climbing rapidly over …

The Two Best Ways to Roast Garlic

on May 27, 2015, at 5:04 p.m.
Smear it on some crusty bread, whip it into a vinaigrette, use it as a white pizza sauce. Roasted Garlic is delicious and simple, a great addition to your recipe arsenal. Cleonice’s white bean dip gets its rich flavor from roasted garlic. When you roast garlic you get a sweet, nutty, gentle garlic flavor. Because the …
A freshly poured latte sits on the counter at Coffee By Design on Diamond Street in Portland in this June 6, 2014, file photo.

Five espressos per day? EU food agency says stop there

By Reuters Staff, Reuters on May 27, 2015, at 3:38 p.m.
LONDON — Drinking up to five espressos per day, or the equivalent, poses no risk to the general population, according to a European review into the safety of caffeine. The European Food Safety Authority, or EFSA, carried out the scientific study after several countries raised concerns about the health effects …

Simple fake honey from an everyday belittled weed

on May 27, 2015, at 2:13 p.m.
Recipes flutter about on social media like flies to..well, honey. I saw one such recipe as it floated by on the wings of one of my Facebook groups.  It was a site I typically only half pay attention to, because some of the members are…well, a little….over-the-top.  A little too …

Summer Lunch Series: East End’s Lolita

on May 27, 2015, at 12:17 p.m.
I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite things about Portland is that perfect summer day. You go out, you eat lunch, you walk around, and just enjoy life. Even better is when you get to sit outside! I figure there’s no better time than the present to …

Foraging for spruce tips to brew beer

on May 26, 2015, at 5:42 p.m.
The bright green new growth on the limbs of evergreen trees is a sign of spring in Maine and it’s also a sign that Banded Horn Brewing Company is gearing up to brew Greeenwarden. This pale ale is designed to showcase the flavor and aroma of the Maine foraged white …

Summer Sangria

on May 26, 2015, at 3:17 p.m.
“Are you going home for Memorial Day?” a colleague asked me recently. “Yes,” I said without a pause. I knew she was referring to Connecticut, where my kids and I moved from last summer. “Oh, but home is here now. I’m sorry,” she replied, correcting herself. We talked for a …
Swiss chard and chicken wraps get heat from jalapeno, cayenne pepper and chipotle salsa.

Hot chilies in that dish? Choose a low alcohol wine

By Bill St. John, Chicago Tribune (TNS) on May 26, 2015, at 3:14 p.m.
Oh, we love our chili heat. Tabasco on the omelet; giardiniera on the dog; jalapeno on the nachos. But chili heat doesn’t love wine. Alcohol is a solvent and spreads out or broadcasts the capsaicin (the organic compound in chili peppers that makes for the burn), making it seem hotter …
To make your own yogurt, start with a live culture.

How to make your own yogurt

By Kathleen Pierce on May 26, 2015, at 3:10 p.m.
I decided to make yogurt over Memorial Day weekend. Halfway through my adventures in acidophilus, yogurt’s “friendly” bacteria, I almost gave up, ditched the project and headed outside into the spring afternoon. After all, isn’t weeding more fun than watching milk curdle? To the uninitiated, trying to turn liquid dairy …
The Juice Cellar is now using cashew milk instead of almond milk in their smoothies. The change is in response to the owner Chris Roberts' concern about the drought in California and the amount of water needed to keep them in production.

Bangor cafe pulls almonds from menu due to California drought

By Natalie Feulner on May 26, 2015, at 12:30 p.m.
Bangor- and Belfast-based cafe owner Chris Roberts has little connection to California, but he is trying to do his part to address the state’s four-year drought that has left thousands of acres dry and void of water-dependent crops. His plant-based food and drink restaurant, The Juice Cellar, used to consume …
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