March 18, 2019
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Shakespeare Under the Stars: ‘Macbeth’

Event organizer: Julie Lisnet
Event Date & Time: July 26, 2018 6:00 pm until July 29, 2018 4:00 pm
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Directed by Ben Layman

Ten Bucks Theater is proud to announce this year’s selection for our annual Shakespeare Under The Stars event is “Macbeth”.

The infamous tragedy explores Macbeth’s rise from celebrated war hero to his bloody and brief reign as King of medieval Scotland. Driven by grief and supernatural prophecy as well as the towering ambition of his wife, Macbeth leaves in his wake a path of murder, deceit and destruction. The play explores the nature of loss, the price of war and the lengths one is willing to go to rise above one’s circumstances.

Macbeth features an exciting and top notch cast and promises magic, sword fights, blood and fire.

Performance Schedule: Thursday-Saturday July 26, 27 and 28 at 6 p.m. and Sunday July 29 at 4 p.m. at the Orono Public Library.

Donations Accepted Onsite

The show then moves to Fort Knox (Aug. 2-5)

Bring blankets, folding chairs and a picnic and enjoy Shakespeare Under the Stars!


Macbeth: Barrett Hammond

Lady Macbeth: Deb Elz~Hammond

Duncan: David Lane

Banquo: Liz Miller

Macduff: Nathan Roach

Lady Macduff: Aimee Gerow

Lennox: Natalie Lisnet

Ross: Bunny Barclay

Angus/Apparition: Deanna Rice

1st Witch: Julie Arnold Lisnet

2nd Witch: Alison Cox

3rd Witch: Andrea Littlefield

Siward: Matt Rice

Young Siward/3rd Apparition: Connor Plante

Caithness/Apparition: Melissa Egolf

Donalbain/Seton/Son of Macduff: Nathan Reeves

Malcolm/Fleance: Reed Davis

Porter/Old Man/Soldier/Apparition: Gillian Gaddis

Messenger/Servant/Gentlewoman: Sue Amero

Sargent/3rd Murderer/1st Apparition/Soldier: Noah Lovejoy

1st Murderer/Soldier/Apparition: Minwin Fitzgerald

Doctor/Soldier/Apparition: Max Carmichael