March 20, 2019
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Anchorspace May Professional Development Workshop: Tech Tapas

Event organizer: Jane Holland
Event Date & Time: May 18, 2018 3:00 pm
Contact email:
Nicole Ouellette | BDN
Nicole Ouellette | BDN

BAR HARBOR — Dave Charron of Compusult, Inc will present a May Professional Development Workshop on Tech Tapas.

He’ll be serving up 50+ small savory bytes of tech tips to help you Work Smarter. Learn a little bit about a whole lot. See what’s out there…

• what the hell is The Cloud and how do I use it
• how to process credit cards when the power goes out
• 3 quick tips to clean your PC or Mac – no more slooooowww
• expand your Gmail functionality
• password management
• backup your data
• backup pics from your phone and see all of them anywhere – organize them too
• tips for offering public Wi-Fi
• what are the different parts of my network
• how can I use e-signatures
• Google Docs & Drive – beginner, intermediate & advanced in 10 minutes!
• collaboration tools
• what is 2 step authentication and why should I absolutely be using this simple powerful security
• specs to buy a computer
• how to share your screen if you have a presentation to do remotely
• no internet – what do I do?
• maintenance of your Google Business page – you have one, right???
• much more…

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Dave has 18 years experience helping small businesses use technology to Work Smarter

He’ll be serving up a platter of all sorts of bits & bytes to help you get more out of Google Apps, optimize your Google Docs usage and expand your Gmail functionality.

The session will also cover some more advanced Google products such as Google Vault for archiving and data management, Google groups information and maintenance of your Google Business page.

Then it’s on to tips to help you with screen shots, security and maintenance of your computer, WiFi applications, password management, virtual tours, e-signatures and more!

The session is $25 per person and free to members of Anchorspace