Woodstock attendees to reunite for festival’s 50th anniversary

Community Author: Mike Hurley
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Contact: mike@pilut.com
Colonial Theatre | Contributed
Colonial Theatre | Contributed

BELFAST —  A reunion of Woodstock attendees will be held 4:30 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 18, at the Belfast waterfront’s steamboat landing. There will be a short welcome and introduction, WBFY Belfast Community radio will be recording and providing record players, we will  play a short introduction from one of the songs at Woodstock from the Woodstock double vinyl album and a veteran of Woodstock will tell a short story (maximum five minutes) and then we will repeat.  We want you to tell your stories. All are welcome. This is a free event. There be a  group photo of Woodstock veterans.  For more information call 207-323-0881. Rain or shine you are on the road again.

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