December 11, 2018
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Play ‘Wit’ to be offered at Union Street Brick Church

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CJKent | BDN
CJKent | BDN
Kelly Nelson-Santiago is Vivien Bearing, in the prize winning play, Wit.

Vivien is an academic super star in the world of John Donne studies. Her life is consumed by the structures of poetry, but as she approaches the end of life she must deal with its emotional reality. The cultures of academia, modern medicine, and Beatrix Potter meet in this Pulitzer Prize winning play by Margaret Edson. “Now is not the time for verbal swordplay, for unlikely flights of imagination and wildly shifting perspectives, for metaphysical conceit, for wit. And nothing would be worse than a detailed scholarly analysis. Erudition. Interpretation. Complication. Now is the time for simplicity. Now is the time for, dare I say it, kindness.” Union Street Brick Church, corner of Union and Main Streets. No admission charge. Refreshments. 945-9798.