Wisdom Middle High School first quarter honor roll

Community Author: Monique Herbert
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Wisdom Middle High School, St. Agatha

First quarter honor roll

Grade 12, high honors: Lakota Bouchard, Natalie Oakes, Alyssa Pelletier, Raya Ringuette, Trevor Couture, Kyle Ouellette and Paige Pelletier; honors: Lance Davenport, Danika Dumais, Jacob Roy, Micque Robertson and Michael Whitley.

Grade 11, high honors:  Emma Chamberland, Caitlyn Chasse, Savanna Hanlin, Ben McGlaughlin, Andrew Oakes, Lauren Paradis and Matthew Picard.

Grade 10, high honors: Alex Deschaine, Anthony Orth, Madysen Picard, Autumn Roy, Ashely Stevens, Gavin Voisine and Samuel Roy; honors: Shayna Albert, Jackson Dube, Paige Labrie, Nickolas Lavoie, Carter Pelletier, Owen Sirois and Connor Thamsen.

Grade 9, high honors: Colby Coulombe, Dominick Gendreau, Christian Guimond, Abigail Lerman and Kylie Pelletier; honors: Kaden Daigle, Logan Lagasse and Olivia Ouellette.

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