January 16, 2018
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Where oh where is CBS!?!?!!?!

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time to fight folks!!! WABITV or Directv need to give us back CBS…either local or from anywhere I don’t really care, it is not fair to all of us to suffer cause they are being stupid. I have been told by WABI tv5 that I can’t have freedom of speech on their page…so hope I can here…. I suggested we all boycott all affilates to WABITV5 as well as their sponsors… why are we paying for FREE TV when we watch so many commercials? why do they think Directv should pay them more when they get paid by the sponsors??? Directv gets money from us…not WABI’s sponsors…. and if we can’t have WABI for CBS then fine…. don’t need the local from them we have choices… I have called the FCC and will be calling national CBS we are all losing and I suggest you all do the same, we are being pushed around by the government with more taxes and now cant relax in our own homes to watch what we want when we want…. come on folks start yelling I can’t be the only voice!!!FCC number is 1-888-225-5322 call them and complain, call the sponsors their numbers are on WABI’s web site, I have e-mailed many of them already, time to fight:-)