November 23, 2017
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What Maine Ports Could Learn From Australia’s Port of Brisbane

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Ecology Activities

Port of Brisbane, Australia is situated in the area of high conservation and ecological value near the Moreton Bay Marine Park and at the mouth of river Brisbane.

Brisbane Port

In order to ensure the stability of the environment in the surrounding areas several ecological activities are always carried out in this region for the strategic commercial as well as operational development of this area. Wide range of Brisbane port activities for the management and monitoring programs are conducted in this area to minimize the impact of the environmental disturbances and to track the affect of these activities.

The environmental management program of Port of Brisbane Pty Ltd (PBPL) includes various types of development programs certified by the Environmental Management System (EMS) of international standard with ISO 14001 certification.

Planning for land use, conducting the Multibeam and Single Beam Bathymetric survey, finding Hydrographic Solutions, providing dredging services and improving the quality of air are some of the services included in the activities of Port of Brisbane Pty Ltd (PBPL) supported by EMS.

They are responsible for maintaining an environmental balance in this region through their valued activities. In fact, they are treated as a respected organization all over the world. Brief information about all of these Brisbane port activities is provided hereunder for your perusal.

Planning For Use Of Land

Reviewing the land use strategy is one of the most important Brisbane port activities of The Port of Brisbane Pty Ltd (PBPL) these days so that a number of amendments can be done in it.

A Statement of Proposals (SOP) was released for reviewing by the public in August 2012 which contained an outline of the changes in the use of land as per the provisions framed by the Transport Infrastructure Act 1994. The nature of these changes was put for second round of consultation with the community by the end of 2012 and starting of 2013.

A Consultation and Submissions Review Report was released by PBPL in response to the issues raised during this time by various government departments and the community which was later on sent to all the submitters of SOP.

Anyone can view or request for copy of the Draft of Land Use Plan 2013 by clicking on this option at the site of You can also contact the Land Use Plan 2013 Project Team to get more information about the use of land planning in this region. Might be useful for Bangor officials if this article catches their eye in order to learn and apply similar in Maine area.

Projects of future management and development of the use of land in various field is also supervised by Port of Brisbane Pty Ltd. It includes the fields of land use for transport operations, industrial, environmental buffers, marine infrastructure and retail or commercial use.

The regulatory framework of State planning of land use regarding the development of Port of Brisbane was changed in 2010 and was replaced by a new land use plan popularly known as Brisbane Port Land Use Plan on that very day.

The provisions of current Land Use Plan include:

  • Covers the whole Brisbane Core Port Land including the lands previously known as strategic port lands of Brisbane
  • It strategic plan includes the outlining of all the key land uses including the plans of main developments of all of them
  • The development requirements of each development plan were to be specified with specific codes included in the plan
  • Contribution Schedule of the plan will specify the infrastructural charges of the plan
  • Wide range of figures and drawings of the plan will be included in Brisbane port activities to make the communication about the development of the core port lands easy.

Bathymetric Survey of Multibeam and Single Beam

The team of PBPL operated 2 surveys of modern multibeam sonars including 512 beams which sound at the speed of up to 50Hz to produce more than 25,000 vibrations per second as the part of their Brisbane port activities.

The sophisticated inertial positioning systems interfaced the sonars to collect and display the repeatable and precise data by enabling its motion sensors. Advanced modeling and processing techniques were used by them to visualize the high quality vibrations produced underwater surfaces alongwith their features, structures and objects.

Searching for Hydrographic Solutions

The activities of the team of PBPL responsible for providing Hydrographic solutions for maintaining the safe navigation of ships on the berths and channels falling within the jurisdiction of Brisbane were also included in the Brisbane port activities.

They contact various external infrastructure companies to undertake the work of Hydrographic Solutions including the local government authorities and port authorities of Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales in Australia.

The Hydrographic Solutions Team of PBPL has a collective experience of more than 150 years of using various types of techniques for providing survey services of this kind.

Dredging Services

Brisbane port activities of PBPL also includes the maintenance of navigational shipping channel upto 90 km extending across the Moreton Bay from the northern tip og Bribie island upto the river Brisbane. Maintaining the access into the deep waters of the port is also their responsibility.

Maintenance dredging between the Hamilton Reach of the Brisbane River and Fisherman Islands is also included in their activities to ensure the safety of the vessels visiting the upstream berths. Wide range of dredging activities is done by their team with the help of their fleet of vessels.

Improving the Air Quality

The Port of Brisbane is involved in handling the cargoes of diverse nature including import and export of various types of products like motor vehicles, containers, wet and dry bulk commodities and general cargo.

The air quality of this port gets disturbed while handling bulk cargoes of various commodities including agriculture products and coal etc. due to the impact of localized dust particles.

Dust caused due to various other prevailing conditions can also impact on the nearby sensitive receptors. PBPL uses several effective measures as their Brisbane Port activities to control the impact of dust and improving the quality of air in this region.

Thus the Brisbane Port activities in Australia play a great role in maintaining the ecological balance and air quality in this region.

Any chance our ports can be this active and ecologically responsible?