December 12, 2017
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What A Happy Teenager Bedroom Looks Like In New Zealand?

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Teenage life is often stuck with a monotonous routine of everyday school, homework, activities, and blah blah. At the same time, it is also the age of evolving creativity and perfect to give that teen lair an overhaul. Recognize the artist within you, and begin by shaping the old fairytale room with dolls and soft toys into one that looks mature and fun.

Here’s how a happy teenager room will look like in New Zealand:


Re- decorating Walls

New Zealand being one of the most exotic island’s in the country, girls, choose your rooms colors carefully. Give way to the pinks and reds and choose blues and greens that match the color of the sea and the beautiful landscape around. Soothing, scintillating and relaxing, these colors will add some maturity to your room and yet keep it fun and colorful. If your parents are convinced by your choice, call Auckland House Painters today and get your estimates today.


Updating Study Zone

So whether you are in New Zealand or any other place in the world, ground the study zone in your room with useful chalkboards, have a nice bulletin Board for pinning lists, photos, and any other inspirational materials. Ergonomics of the space should also be well taken care of, adjust the height of the table and chair. Differentiate this corner with color schemes as well. Let Auckland painters help you with the right colors – most of them have specialists, who can suggest colors according to space, preference and budget.


Having Lots of Wall Hooks Everywhere

Most of the junk in a teenager’s room comes from the junk that collects all over. Freely lying clothes, papers and stationary all over the place creates the greatest mess in a room. Wall hooks are an ideal solution – have plain wall hooks, or have wall hooks with shelves at a hands distance, where you can conveniently place things like keys, coats, bags, etc.


Create a separate hangout space

If your room has enough space in a corner to accommodate a couch or a sofa, get one lying in the attic or the basement in the house, let it be your rugged corner for fun and frolic. Even when your room lacks a bounty of space, any old carpet or rug lying around in the house will do. Decorate it with some puffy big floor cushions and pillows, and it’s equally good.


The Unexpected Touch

Every room in the house must have something that immediately catches your eye and holds it there, and a teen’s room in no exception. Auckland House Painters will give it the walls it wants, but there are plenty of ways to enhance its colors. Lights are the best way to make this happen. Without spending a fortune, you can make a room glow with a cluster of chic paper lanterns and scoop funky neon signs. Adore the room with photos of your friends, have unique portraits put up, or do come with creative ideas that reflect your personality.


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