January 22, 2018
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Use of plastic retail bag: role in increasing business and destroying environment

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The growing environmental degradation is making many people aware of the causes for it and their contribution in that. After a long research, it is been known that plastic is very dangerous and damaging the environment. A program called “go green” is been introduced and also “global warming” activities are promoted by government in public. Each and every person on the earth should strive to reduce heat in the environment, which creates awareness in stopping spreading of harmful chemicals into the air.
What promotes to use plastic bags?
The use of plastic bags is increased by retailers. We generally use this plastic retail bags for carrying purpose.
It is use and throw type item and can be disposed as soon as we complete our work with it. These plastic bags are available in many major stores in bundles. It varies on its thickness. The thickness of the plastic bag depends upon your need.
Mostly only retail shop use this plastic bags to advertise about their shop, Organisations used these plastic bags for publicity of their brand. It is sometimes printed and also available in imprinted material.
Imprinted plastic retail bags are used generally in market for carrying vegetables, house hold material etc.
printed plastic bags are used in retail shops for publishing their brand and creating awareness about their shop in the public. It increases the business.
On the other side, plastic bags are cost effective, it cost very low compared to bags made with other material. Because, the retailer has to pay only for the print on it and the number of bags ordered. But, if it is any other material, then the retailer needs to pay for the fabric also, which is very costly.
Everyone is becoming so commercial that, they are not thinking about the negative effects of the things they do. They are only thinking about the cost they have to afford.
How plastic bags are responsible in damaging environment?
Plastic bags are disposed after their use. The plastic is a hard chemical and it takes decades of time to decompose it.
It may get mixed with any other material and give negative effects.
It mixes with the soil and adds impurities to the soil. Because of this plants living on that soil will turn into poisonous plants.
After it gets decomposed, it damages the ozone layer, by which sun rays directly fall on the earth causing skin cancer.
After knowing all the bad effects of plastic bag usage, government has banned using the plastic bags. But, many people still did not stop using the usage of plastic bags.
Alternative for plastic bags:
When there is a problem, there will always be a solution for it. In the same way, when plastic usage is banned, there should be some means to carry goods. So, such bag can be made without plastic. Bags useful for carrying can also be made with cotton, nylon, paper etc.
After the government ban of plastic usage, many retailers have started using bags made with paper. Little hard paper, so that it does not tear easily. It is very useful and many malls and big organizations are still continuing the same bags. Many tutorials are also been conducted to make that paper bags. They can be made by hand and also by machine. It can also become a business opportunity for small scale industries. But, the only limitation of using paper bag is that it is very effective in cost compared to plastic. The paper bags can also be printed and imprinted paper bags.