December 17, 2017
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Use Moroccan tiles for home decoration

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Since a home designed in a Moroccan style looks beautiful in a unique way, enhancing the home decor by giving it an artistic touch, therefore this type of decor is being preferred by more and more people in western countries. If you too want to render a Moroccan touch to your home, then consider using Moroccan tiles to get that particular flair.
The Moroccan tiles represent the cultural art and sophistication of Morocco. These tiles are available as floor or wall tiles that can be used in almost every space of your home, be it your bathroom, kitchen or your living room. Besides looking amazingly beautiful, these also add a sense of class to the interior space. You can show your creativity while lining these tiles on the walls or floors to create different designs and patterns using the tiles in same shade or in different colors.
Unlike ordinary tiles, the Moroccan tiles are recognised around the world as a work of art. And therefore many people like to frame a pattern of these tiles on their walls to give a feel of Moroccan style decor to their interiors. These tiles are crafted in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, colors, patterns and designs to choose from. You can either pick up a color and design of tiles in a single shape or install tiles crafted in different shapes to create an art on the floor or on the walls of your bathroom or your kitchen island table top or just about anywhere you please. Available in glazed and unglazed options these tiles also offer safety because of their anti-slip nature.
Moroccan artists hand-paint these tiles, thereby adding value and a unique charm to each piece. Once installed in your home you must follow the tips below in order to maintain the elegance of the tiles:
• If the surface of the tiles gets stained, then you can easily clean it with a cloth damped in water mixed with bicarbonate soda.
• A little wear and tear of Moroccan mosaic tiles is normal with time, but if you want to make the luster and beauty of these tiles, especially the floor tiles, to last longer, you must place rugs and mats in high traffic areas of your home where the tiles are installed.
• Avoid walking with heels on glossed Moroccan tiles.
• Always make sure to hire a professional who has experience of installing Moroccan tiles specifically.
• These tiles are delicate, therefore be careful when working with heavy objects, because if they drop on the tiles then they are likely to crack.
• Do not let swamp or dirt collect on the tiles. Clean them regularly with a vacuum cleaner. Avoid using detergents while cleaning them.