January 17, 2018
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Unique Bookshelves Designs That Could Work In Your Home

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These days, many homeowners are looking for modern and unique bookshelves designs that will be a display as much as they are a place to store their beloved novels. Some people are wary of looking too much into these designs, however, because they believe that they won’t work in their more traditional home. The good news is that there are plenty of different bookshelves to choose from.

  • Item of Furniture – why not have the shelving incorporated into an item of furniture, such as a chair or couch? This will put the books within easy reach when you are relaxing and feel like reading something, as well as creating an interesting focal point for the room.
  • Underneath the Staircase – the space underneath the stairs is often left vacant because we simply don’t know what to do with it. Having bookshelves purpose-built for this gap will ensure that the space is put to good use and that you have plenty of places to stow novels.
  • Interesting Shapes – if you are looking more for the display option in your bookshelves design than you are a practical storage solution, you should consider a unit with an interesting shape. How about lop-sided hexagons or shelving on an angle for a different look?
  • Hidden in Furniture – if you want to keep the clean lines of your home and have too many books to make it work, you should consider hiding the shelving away. A giant drawer underneath your bed or built in seating is a great way to make the novels easily accessible yet hidden.
  • Stairwell Shelving – many homeowners are proud of their collections but struggle to find practical ways of storing so many books. Why not fill your stairwell with shelving (you could even hide the staircase behind a secret bookshelf door!) for perusal as you walk?
  • Clever Boxing – one of the great things about using boxes as bookshelves is that they can also double as a display space. You could use every third or fourth box to display a beloved art piece or family photo; or you could use the boxes to break up your collection appropriately.

As you can see, there are plenty of unique bookshelves wardrobe designs that you could choose to utilise in your home, regardless of whether you are going for a modern or a more traditional look. Make sure you speak with a professional and have them come up with a few design options; this will ensure that you find the ideal storage solution for your home and your novel collection.