January 22, 2018
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Trading in Penny Stocks by Pennypicks.net

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This article is aimed at a person wanting to enter penny stock trading – a novice with little previous experience or skill at penny stock trading.

To successfully trade in penny stocks, you need to be alert and ultra quick – think gun fight at O.K. Corral or think Coyote hunting. Alert investor’s sense when the penny stock will appreciate. They do so because they have been tracking the activities of the target company. They know the penny stock will appreciate days before the company calls a press conference or issues a press release. The professional trader sells in the second half of trading on the day the press release is issued and books substantial profits.

The professional penny stock trader is like a Coyote hunter tracking the Coyote in the cross hairs of his sniper scope and pulling the trigger at a precise moment when he is assured of a clean kill.

Remember, you have to be alert because the penny stock will rise quickly after the press release (when trading starts) and stabilize by day’s end. If you haven’t bought the penny stock within the first couple of hours of trading, you are already too late. Think like a Coyote hunter. Once the Coyote has bolted from the hole you are late. Better luck next time.

Ignore the stock sheets

A lot of penny stock traders told us they track the value of the stocks using ‘stock sheets’ and when they find any stock going up in value, they invest. Market researchers at Pennypicks.net point out that this would be like running after the Coyote that has bolted from its hole. There is little chance of a kill here.

If you are investing by using our premium penny stock subscription list, invest immediately when you receive the list – not a couple of days or couple of weeks later. Remember penny stocks appreciate and reach their short-term potential in a couple of days and sometimes, in less than a day’s trade.

If you bought a small cap stocks late by mistake, fine, don’t panic. Depending on the potential of the company and its stock, if you are a long-term investor you can hold on to the stock or you can sell it immediately. An immediate sale would invariably mean booking a tiny loss but at least you gain access to the funds which can be used to invest in another stock. In any case, don’t delay. If you are not a long-term investor, then sell the instant you realize the mistake because the longer you wait, greater the loss.

If you have booked a loss don’t dwell on it. Just move on to your next kill. Market researchers at Pennypicks.net point out that emotion has no role to play in the penny stock market.

One of key questions market researchers at Pennypicks.net ask is whether there will be more buyers within a certain period or more sellers. If the answer is “more buyers” that means the top penny stocks price will appreciate and we put out a “Buy” advice ahead of the event being triggered.

Think small, think quick. Many rain drops fill a bucket. Many small profits of between 10 and 25% are better than one massive lucky 500% profit that might occur two or three times a year.

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