December 13, 2017
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The 3 Generations play country music at Arts in the Park

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The 3 Generations – a local group from Northport are a family band that consist of three generations singing playing and just plain performing country music. A family tradition that goes way back that just kept going. They will be the opening group on Sunday, July 14 downtown Belfast, on the waterfront at Arts in the Park.

Jared’s Biography
The family’s third generation started way back at Edna Drinkwater school in Northport, ME. Drinkwater Elementary school has a talent show every year and I would go and perform. Cleo Alley my grandfather would play the guitar for me while I performed my song. I then wanted to learn to play the guitar which I picked up for a short time and then decided that it wasn’t for me. A short time past then I picked up the guitar again and started to learn, this time working hard at it. The next year, I sang and played my guitar at the concerts at Edna Drinkwater Elementary and continued to for the remainder of my years there.
Finally middle school came around where I continued to play my guitar and sing at any functions there were. Now I added playing the trumpet in the band and also chorus for the rest of my school years. I made so many friend’s along the way, people like Shawn Smith, Sandy Cameron (mamma C or sarge), Vicki Hamlin, Mr. Berry and so so many more. During this time my parents divorced and although this time was very sad and hurtful, I kept to my music and grandparents and they always seemed to pull me through.
Moving on I entered in a talent show of the MACM “Maine Academy of Country Music Association” where the winner received a chance to make a free CD. This led to my first CD “My Country”. My Grandparents Donna, Cleo and I were member’s of the Maine Academy of Country Music. After performing at the MACM for several years, I received the “Rising Star of the Year” award for the next three consecutive years and one year I won Country Songwriter of the year with Maine Country Music Association. (my first original song).
My grandparents and I were performing all the time after that as “The Alley Family”. In 2010 on my birthday. My father David Alley came back in the picture once again. Music within the Family was on a rise once more as “THE THREE GENERATIONS.” Throughout my high school years I was still involved with chorus but now dropped band “turns out trumpet was not for me, but who knows maybe someday I’ll prove myself wrong again”.
I performed at the annual pops concert every year and becoming known throughout Belfast High. I also made a lot of friend’s throughout my high school years with Taylor Peabody, Dustin Lindsey, (long time friend since little kids) Robby Jones, Dustin Nadeau, and Caleb Rumney. Last but definitely not least, is my music teacher John Cameron who is an amazing friend and teacher and believe it or not, me being 6’8” I still looked up to him. Music is going well in the present with a new CD “I’ll Move On” named after my newest original, and also “this” website up and going and with multiple play dates. Be looking for “The 3 Generations” to be doing a lot in future years. After all nothing is more powerful then FAMILY and FRIENDS!!!