December 13, 2017
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Some of the Most Common Problems You Can Face When Using Loops

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The reverberations or repetitions in a section of audio that are created by pedals or software are known as loops. Commonly used as drum loops, these rhythmic patterns can be carved with different musical instruments and intended to produce meaningful loops.
However, creating perfect guitar loops or drum loops of the desired pattern isn’t that easy and may involve certain common problems. Here is an account to which problems you will have to face while trying to successfully create a perfect loop and which techniques can come a long way to help you all through the process!
Getting Started:
Initially, you need to set the master tempo and the loop tempo at the same level. This is generally required to make the loops have the matching beats and timings. More importantly, the selection should be so that the loop that is produced is of high quality and has tempos matching accordingly.
One of the most basic and important things about crafting a perfect melodic loop is to get the right pitch. You need to understand the importance of proper combination of key, chords and scales, except for the percussion loops. Practically, it is possible to pitch shift the melodic loops using several software and programs in order to get better results. Experimenting with time stretching or pitch shifting can result in high quality melodic loops, that too without allowing the listener to detect the changes.
The most common problem that can come across while using loops is the rhythm going off track and sounding a bit distorted. Such flam effects can actually cause disturbance in the guitar, drum or percussion loops and cause problems while adjusting the rhythm pattern as well. However, the rhythms and the key points can be adjusted with grove replacements or loop slicer. You can find such features with various software units that are commonly used for adjusting tempos.
A good quality loop always has a deft touch of various tempos blended together smartly. However, it isn’t as easy as it might sound; one of the most common problems that most beginners face is to combine different guitar or bass loops created earlier with a song of different tempo. However, with techniques like time shifting and time stretch such errors can be reduced to a considerable extent.
Sample Rates:
In the process of combining the loops and the tempos, it remains highly important to ensure that the sample rates are kept the same. The audio with different sample rates will have different playing speed and will sound utterly awful. However, this problem can again be solved with certain software that can convert and match the settings according to the selected file.
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