January 19, 2018
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Sea smoke and Sail Rock back lit by sun rising over Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick, Canada.

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Sea smoke and Sail Rock back lit by sun rising over Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick, Canada. Image taken at Quoddy Head State Park, Lubec, Maine

I have spent quite a bit of time photographing this unique location, Quoddy Head State Park. There’s peaceful tranquility here combined with dynamic and captivating beauty consisting of land and seascape views in a constant state of environmental change.

I researched a brief introductory prologue I call ;

“Spirit Place”


I walk this place, experience it’s beauty, solitude and rage, exploring it’s soul.

Spruce and balsam forest the landscape, jagged precipices compromise it’s extents descending abruptly into the Bay of Fundy.

Sentinel gulls hover and glide populating the sky, migrating water fowl in sporadic vees skim tidal swells escaping into the wild.

Extreme tides, precarious outcrops, treacherous currents and dense fogs are a constant.

Quoddy Head “fertile and beautiful place” a name given thousands of years ago by Native Passamaquoddy, to this eastern most peninsula on the United States mainland.


I will be posting some of my images here accompanied by brief personal observations to share with all.

I have strived in my images to convey the mood, the feeling and especially the light I experienced at the time of my exposures.

I hope everyone enjoys the images.


Todays Image;

Sea Smoke

Winter has set in up here in downeast Maine.

The ocean and narrows here take on a boiling cauldron appearance around this time of year due to severe temperature differences between air and ocean,…the resulting display is like something out of a child’s fairy tale.

Yesterday morning I was up extra early to be there and make images of the sea smoke rising off the tidal currents at Quoddy Head State Park.

Temperatures were in the single digits and the wind was briskly blowing. My efforts were rewarded with beautiful back lit sea smoke images.

Here is one from my series.