Local little league teams visit Hadlock Field for ‘Rowe Ford Supports Little League’

Community Author: Jill Valley
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The Knight Canney Group | Contributed
The Knight Canney Group | Contributed

PORTLAND — Two girls’ little league teams from Scarborough and Portland enjoyed the fun of pre-game photos, visits with Hadlock’s Maine Monster and the Sea Dogs’ mascot, Slugger, and a VIP introduction at Hadlock Field as part of celebrations for “Rowe Ford Supports Little League” July 1.

“We’re happy to support Little League baseball and softball and just delighted to see these young girls who love to play the game,” said Mark Camp, general manager of Rowe Ford. “I’m sure they got a charge out of being on the field at Hadlock—and if they’re not yet fully immersed in the Red Sox-Yankees rivalry, this was a fun introduction as their two minor league teams met up.”

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