January 17, 2018
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“REBIRTHING THE DIVINE” With John Philip Newell The Spirit, the Earth and the Human Soul at the 2014 Downeast Spiritual Life Conference

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Today,  more  than  ever,  we  need  the  guidance  of  leaders   who  understand  the  essential  interconnectedness  of  all   creation.  In  a  world  that  seems  increasingly  fragmented,  Rev. Dr.John   Philip  Newell  calls  us  to  a  new  vision  of  life’s  essential  oneness.   In  “Rebirthing  the  Divine”  he  explores  the  ancient  harmony  that   is  deep  in  the  matter  of  the  universe  to  help  us  develop  a  clear   vision  of  how  we  can  rebirth  the  divine  in  our  own  lives,  in  our community  and  in  the  larger  world.Attendees   will   leave  with  a  vision  of  a  new,  vibrant  spirituality   appealing   to   traditional   Christians   as   well   as   those   unaffiliated   with   any  
particular  religious  practice.
Newell  is  a  Celtic  scholar,  peacemaker  and  poet.  A  former  Warden  of  the   Iona   Community   in   Scotland,   he   is   currently   Companion   Theologian   for   the   American   Spirituality   Center   of   Casa   del   Sol   at   Ghost   Ranch   in   New  Mexico.    His  numerous  publications  include  several  books  on  Celtic   spirituality.   The   Rebirthing   of   God:   Christianity’s   Struggle   for   New   Beginnings   will  be  published  this  spring.
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