December 14, 2017
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RC Sakura CS Sport Car is now available at Special Pre Order Price

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Here is exciting news for all of you who are tired of playing with remote toys which are connected to their controller with the help of wires. Due to wire connected these vehicles can go to a certain distance only and make a fuss if somebody comes in between you and your toy. You would have to walk behind your vehicle just like you take your dog for a walk.

Radio Controlled or RC cars, planes, trucks and other vehicles can be controlled with the help of radio frequency link from a distance. Hobby shop Sydney has introduced the 3Racing Sakura D3 CS Sport 1/10 Drift Car Kit. The new Sakura D3 CS is a hotly contested Drift Class car which features a true Front Motor and Triple Belt drive tram. The true front motor design brings it closure to the weight distribution or real life drift cars which give it the same prolonged high speed drift action.

The 3 Racing Drift Cars were designed fresh after combining the ideas and feedbacks received from drift racers and are not existing classics. Its requirements include: Radio with Receiver and Servo, 7.4 Lipo or 7.2v Nimh Battery, charger, Motor and ESC, Assembling Tools and Body 190mm.

Various features given by hobby shop Sydney are –weight distribution, steering, drivetrain, suspension, oil filled coil spring shocks, wide angle driveshafts, molded rear diffuser, 80T 48P Spur, 3 Degrees Rear Toe-In and Composite Molded Chassis. All these features can be described as follows:

Weight Distribution – The True Front Motor is designed using triple belt drive system which allows the motor to be positioned in the front differential or centerline which gives it the forward weight bias needed for high power drift cars. Belt drive system delivers smooth and stable power.

Steering – The front arms of the Sakura are redesigned. The steering lock angle allows the maximum counter steer action and higher corner entry speeds which resemble the real life FR drift cars.

Drivetrain – Belt drive system is used to overdrive the front or rear wheels which can be done just by changing the size of belt pulleys. The hobby shop Sydney racing cars come with standard front wheel drive ratio 2.92 and wheel drive ratio 1.36. The triple belt system allows the flexibility.

Suspension – The hobby shop Sydney components are completely redesigned to accommodate the largest chamber angle with 10 degree chamber allowed by both front and rear both.

The oil filled coil allows a more progressive action and universal driveshafts minimize the chattering vibration. Sakura comes with 80 tooth 48 pitch spur and -3 degree rear toe in mount. A molded composite rear diffuser gives added touch of realism and features a motor cooling air inlet to initiate high speed drifting.

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Author Bio: William Finn is the seller of radio control helicopters, planes and vehicles at RC Hobbies available at Unit 3/9 Parramatta Rd, LIDCOMBE NSW 2041 and can be contacted at (02)95640822.