February 22, 2018
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Psychic Readings/Healing/Workshops/Message Circle/Late Night Phenomena

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Saturday, July 12

9:00am – Noon – Private Readings – Sue St. Jean

9:30am – Noon Morning Workshop – Lucille Ann Meltz

“What do Your Hands Say About You? An Introduction
to the Ancient Esoteric Art of Hand Analysis”

Are you emotional or logical? Do you like to control events or go with the flow? What is the nature of your personal will? Which of the four elements influence your behavior? In this fun, fascinating and interactive class you will discover aspects of yourself and others revealed in your hand shape, palm lines and fingers.

1:00pm – 4:00 pm – Private Readings/Healing – Jeannie Sullivan

2:00pm – 6:00pm – Private Readings – Lucille Ann Meltz

1:00pm -3:30pm – Afternoon Workshop – Sue St. Jean

“An Afternoon of Channeling With The Council of Engma and Susan St. Jean”

In 2007 Eighteen Master of The Spiritual Hierarchy introduced themselves to Susan as The Council of Engma and since that time they have been working very closely together. The combined love, wisdom, and healing of Engma consists of Jesus, The 12 Apostles, Arch Angel Michael, Arch Angel Raphael, Moses, Mohammed, and Einstein. Come be a part of an exciting afternoon to experience Engma’s love, healing and wisdom. This is your time to get insightful, and often profound answers to your questions from Engma. Bring whatever is on your mind and in your heart, to an afternoon that always proves to be eye opening and a lot of fun.

4:30pm – 6:00 – Late Afternoon Workshop – Jeannie Sullivan

“Healing Guided Meditation”

In this workshop we will participate in activities that help you release what no longer serves you. You will be guided through a meditation that is designed to remove blocks within your subconscious and help you align with abundance, light and love.

7:30pm – Message Circle – Jeannie Sullivan, Sue St. Jean

9:00pm – Late Night Phenomena – Dr. Barbara Williams

“Paranormal Investigation PART 2”

This night is dedicated to the investigation process, our hands on night.
There will be a short review on how to conduct an investigation and
working with the equipment. We will then split off into groups and
conduct our own investigation. Bring flashlights, cameras, and recording equipment, if you like.