February 19, 2018
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Products for the Hospitality Industry

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3dequipmentThinking of starting a new restaurant? Until recently, equipping the kitchen of a restaurant was perhaps the toughest job of all. There are so many things that are required and it all needs to be of the right size so as to cater to the volume requirements as well as space constraints. Furthermore there are local quality regulations that need to be adhered to.

A piece of equipment meant for a commercial kitchen needs to deliver on several fronts including:

1. Flexible Volume – work with minimal to maximum loads
2. Occupy minimal Space – optimal design
3. Not violate local regulations
4. High hygiene standards – be easy to clean
5. Economy – optimal use of electricity or gas
6. Economical to buy
7. Economical to maintain
8. Have a long running life
9. High fault tolerance – not break down every few days
10. Well designed and engineered to be easy to use

Each and every piece of equipment in the commercial kitchen had to meet these high standards. Finding tools and equipments that did were not easy. But today thanks to 3d Equipments http://www.3dequipment.com.au/, you can now not only obtain all the Hospitality equipment products you need, you can even order customized equipment.

3D Equipment caters to everything the hospitality industry needs from simple Bain Maries to sophisticated deep freezers and combi ovens. Here’s an abridged list of products they supply:

Bain Marie Section – this section manufactured food display trolleys and panels and include chocolate tempering equipment, hot food display units and cold food display units (chillair islands and hot Bain Maries including counter-top hot Bain Maries, Bain marie hot cupboard and portable trolleys)

Bar racks – The “Bar” as well call it, manufactures such things as adjustable bar racks, stem glass holders, glass washing inserts, moulded drip trays, stem glass holders, glass washing baskets, under bar racks and wire glass baskets

Work benches – This section fabricates almost 100 different types of stainless steel work benches for the hospitality industry. These range from simple bench over and under shelves (including corner benches), to GN drawers and dishwasher entry/exit benches

Beverage equipment – This area fabricates hospitality related equipment including all types of blenders, all types of liquid food dispensers, various types of juicers, milkshake machines, drink mixers, Commercial Electric Citrus Juicer and many types of automatic juicers
Blast chillers – Here 3D Equipment manufactures 60 different kinds of blast chillers including single door and double freezers, single and double glass door freezers, 2 x and 4 x half door freezers and blast chiller freezers of various sizes

Cleaning equipment – This is a press mould section that manufactures tools and equipment related to cleaning services. Mostly made from plastic, the tolls include blank and printed A frames, blank and printed cones, cleanup carts, wringer cart, dustpans, brooms, mobile expanding barrier, pall mall bunny ears, pall mall two division buckets and window cleaning buckets, single mop bucket, Unger duster, Unger pipe brushes and Unger ProFlat dusters

Coffee vending machines – Here Hospitality products such as coffee percolators, drink heaters and over-sink boiling water dispensers are made

Commercial combi ovens – This section manufacturer combi stands and also assembles small to very large ovens that use natural gas or electricity. We also deal in all Electrolux ovens, Goldstein oven and Rational ovens

Cook tops – Our hospitality cook top products include Chargrills of various sizes, griddle plates of various sizes and configurations, pasta counter top of various sizes and cooking ranges and stove tops of all sizes

Countertop Cooking Equipments manufactured include Boiling Plates, Carving Stations, Contact Grills, Donut Fryers, Filter Hoods, Food Slides, Food Steamers, Fryers, griddle plates, heat lamps, hot dog and bun warmers, food mixers, pasta cookers, rice cookers, salamanders, soup kettles, toasters and Ums