December 18, 2017
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Portland’s oldest man, celebrates 105th birthday

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A few weeks ago, when George Bales of Portland discussed his lifelong adventure, he was able to enjoy more of it this past Sunday.

George celebrated his 105th birthday at the Park Danforth Retirement Home in Portland. More than 70 guests attended the celebration which included family, friends, and well wishers.

George gave a speech at his party, and couldn’t have been any happier.

“What a wonderful surprise it is to see you all here,” said George. “I appreciate all of you for coming to wish me a happy birthday”.

Even at 105, he lives a good life. George spends much of time reading books, the newspaper, and watches television. And then, he takes an afternoon stroll on his walker down the hallway of the retirement home. He considers this his daily exercise.

George is reasonably healthy for his age. He cannot read well, because his eyesight is badly impaired by cataracts. George is very hard of hearing, and can only hear in one ear. He recalls that when he was in his childhood, he suffered scarlet fever.

“I was a child and had scarlet fever”, said George. “My parents thought I was going to die, but luckily I survived.” Even though George had survived, his lost his hearing in his right ear.

George is in good health for his age. He can still walk slowly, but surely. He says that he does not fear death, and is ready to go whenever.

“If God says it’s time go, it’s time to go”, said George. “I’ve had good life. I’m ready to die whenever my time comes”.

Other than scarlet fever as a child, George has been and still is healthy. He takes no medication or daily vitamin. He sticks to a diet of fruits, vegetables, meat, and potatoes. He never smoke or drank, and says he does not feel older.

“Being 105, is not different than 104.” said George. “One year isn’t a difference, but I do feel different from ages ago. My mind is younger than 105, and I can remember what happened a century ago”.

Even today, George has no regrets or fears, and loves to do what he does.