January 21, 2018
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Performance Art Event: Hair as Extra-Sensory Processor of Energies Undefined

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Friday, April 4th, between 1:00 and 3:00, artist and second year Intermedial MFA student, Mary Mailler, will perform Hair as Extra-Sensory in the performance space of the IMRC at the University. The piece expresses a physical method for engaging and attuning to energies through the use of extra sensory processes and organs; in this case, hair. The artist uses hair as type of sensory radar to orient the way her body is moving and existing within the limits of time, space, and the three dimensional qualities of space, as physicists have defined them. The artist seeks to suggest that there are many ways of understanding ourselves as being in the world, and even more beyond the physicality of the movement. It suggests to the audience that we also have internal constructs for moving energy as well, for example: ritual, chant, self-induced trance, meditation and visualization are all methods that have been used by many various cultures over the course of time to effect changes in worldviews concerning physical, mental and spiritual realities. Other I MFA artists are also exhibiting as part of the 2014 graduate expo on thec3rd and 4th. The piece is made possible with the support of a grant made by the University’s Intermedial MFA program.