December 18, 2017
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New rule added for injury claims

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Insurance firms are now being urged to be more rigorous when people are asking for personal injury claims and also help reduce motorist premiums.

After a mass debate on the vehicle costs and more harsh penalties for non-insured drivers, Sammy Wilson, a representative for many of the highway codes made the counsel see that the insurance costs are now plummeting out of control.

“I said to the counsel that in order to actually achieve low premiums, we have to take a certain number of steps to ensure that it is actually achievable” later adding “insurance companies need to start to be more robust when getting clients for personal injury claims.

“The thing with claims is if the amount is below a certain amount then the insurance companies in question will pay out straight away but what they really should start doing is to begin fighting for the claims and take the person who caused the injury to court no matter what the claim. Not only that but the consequence for driving without a license is way to under par, the police need to start being tougher on the drivers”

The issue on hand for the injury claims is a very drastic change for most solicitor companies since the they will be forced to work harder for claims, even through ones like a cut finger, clients will expect to get more than just simply rolling over and paying the amount.

The court will announce the decision sometime though out next week with the outcome, but even through that time, people will be still claiming for a loads of injury claims but after the decision, expect for a load of no win no fee claims outcome.