March 21, 2018
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MMA website tracking proposed 2014-15 state budget

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 AUGUSTA, Maine — MMA created a website designed to provide municipal officials, the public and members of the media information and news about the impact of the state of Maine’s 2014-15 budget as proposed and the reactions to it.

 MMA updates the site on a regular basis. If you are interested in the proposed state budget, local government finances or municipal collaboration, please check out the site at: (upper left; link says “Tracking the 2014-15 Maine State Budget”) or

The website is composed of five topic areas:

  • Key Facts: This section outlines in easy-to-understand language what the proposed budget calls for and how it would affect towns, cities, property owners, small businesses and renters.
  • Impact Data & Analysis: The section provides detailed, municipality by municipality data about the effects of various changes contained in the proposed budget.
  • Resolutions & Local Action: Many municipalities are adopting resolutions and taking other actions regarding the proposed state budget.
  • Municipal Collaboration: For decades, municipal leaders in Maine have worked together to deliver high-quality government services in a cost-effective manner. This section offers hundreds of examples.
  • In the News: News media around the state are reporting on, and offering opinions about, the proposed budget.

For more information contact Eric Conrad, Director of Communication & Educational Services, at: 207-623-8428.

Maine Municipal Association was founded in 1936, the MMA is a voluntary, non-partisan, member-service organization to which 486 municipalities in Maine belong. It has a core belief that local government is a fundamental component of a democratic system of government. MMA’s services include advocacy, education and information, professional legal and personnel advisory services and self-funded group insurance programs.