December 17, 2017
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Maine Health Management Coalition recognized as Innovator and Thought Leader

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TOPSHAM, Maine, and Chicago, Ill. — HDMS, a recognized leader in health data analytics software and consulting services, recently honored Maine Health Management Coalition as an innovator and thought leader in health data analytics for their work in developing and expanding their Pathways to Excellence measures. HDMS awarded MHMC their Provider Health Systems Innovator Award for Analytic Alliance during their User Forum earlier this week in Puerto Rico.

HDMS’ Provider Health Systems Innovator Award for Analytic Alliance is awarded to a client organization that creates new, high-impact analytic value through leading-edge knowledge and resource integration. Within HDMS, a careful review of all clients’ new applications of DART – HDMS’ health data and analytics platform – is undertaken to see how clients’ new DART uses address key needs and align to organizational goals.

“MHMC and the Maine Health Management Coalition Foundation have developed and implemented a provider cost and resource use reporting approach that benefits the provider, purchaser and public communities alike,” said HDMS President, Dr. Mary Henderson. “MHMC partnered with HDMS to implement methodologies selected through the successful Pathways to Excellence measures development process. Total Care Relative Resource Values were built, tested and deployed in DART. Calculations for Total Cost Index and Resource Use Index were also created.”

“MHMC is honored to receive the Provider Health Systems Innovator Award for Analytic Alliance this year from HDMS,” said Michael DeLorenzo, Director of Health Analytics. “The measures and indices that we were able to develop for Pathways to Excellence are shared with all of our constituent groups and continue to be updated for ongoing use via automated reports and our GetBetterMaine online tool – a popular website for health care providers, patients and purchasers alike.”

HDMS honored MHMC based on a recent evaluation cycle that identified MHMC as an outstanding example of analytic forethought and health system insight, as illustrated by the organization’s Total Cost of Care and Resource Use informatics. The HDMS leadership group felt that MHMC’s application of health care data for value awareness and education was market-leading and a clear reflection of MHMC’s mission.

About HDMS

Health Data & Management Solutions, Inc.  is a software development company offering data warehouse, management and analysis tools for the healthcare industry. HDMS’ web-based products and services provide flexible, high value reporting, empowering both employers and health plans to maximize the value of their health care data and support benefit decisions. For more information about HDMS, please visit

About Maine Health Management Coalition

The Maine Health Management Coalition is a non-profit organization whose over 60 members include public and private employers, hospitals, health plans, and doctors working together to measure and report health care value. MHMC helps employers and their employees use this information to make informed decisions. For more information on MHMC, please visit

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