October 16, 2019
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Maine Coalition to Fight Prostate Cancer offers confidential line for men diagnosed with disease

Community Author: Sandy Jaeger
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AUBURN —  Some men who have questions about prostate cancer may not feel comfortable seeking answers in a support group. One-2-One Confidential was created for them. (1 855 552 7200 x 801) Introduced several years ago by Nelson Leavitt, a founder of the Maine Coalition to Fight Prostate Cancer, the confidential line offers support to men who may be on their prostate cancer journey.

When a person is diagnosed with cancer there are many thoughts and emotions and some may feel alone and not know what to do next. The fear of the unknown and how this will affect longevity and quality of life, can be overwhelming. For men diagnosed with  prostate cancer,  the Maine Coalition to Fight Prostate Cancer has an outreach program called One 2 One Confidential.

Now numbering from eight to ten trained volunteers who have had a similar cancer experience, these Maine men are brought together over the telephone to have a conversation.  Perhaps someone just wants to know if they should even be tested for prostate cancer.  Or, they may have a diagnosis and not be certain as to what direction to take or they may in fact be dealing with a recurrence.

While the volunteers do not offer medical advice and are not counselors, they can talk knowledgeably about what to expect and where to go for answers to their questions and  can reassure vulnerable men and their families that a truly fine quality of life can be achieved in the future.  The volunteers have been in a place that the caller once was. They understand that when a man calls he may be vulnerable and thinking for the first time about the everlasting changes in life which cancer has suddenly brought into his life.

The website of the Coalition (mcfpc.org) contains a listing of all prostate cancer support groups in the state, information about Cancer Centers and the phone numbers for  One-2-One Confidential, as well as a  gay/bi line. Because prostate cancer affects the entire family, there are also numbers for wives or partners to call.

The Maine Coalition is a statewide, all volunteer nonprofit and they welcome volunteers to assist them in their statewide efforts. For more information, email info@mcfpc.org or call  207-784-2086.