February 23, 2018
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Maine Businessman Challenges Skeptics on Old Approach to Doing New Business

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Maine Businessman Challenges Skeptics on Old Approach to Doing New Business

Maine Businessman Challenges Skeptics on Old Approach to Doing New Business

Mark Murrell’s business practices are catching on in the world of virtual business; so much so that his business, GetMaineLobster.com-Black Point Seafood, was 1 out of 4 million businesses that Chase Bank serves selected for its 2013 national advertising campaign. http://getmainelobster.com/press-kit

1) Mark Murrell is an entrepreneur, originally from Lewiston, Maine, who created a virtual business (GetMaineLobster.com-Black Point Seafood) three years ago, selling lobsters online—dock to doorstep. http://www.getmainelobster.com/ throughout the continental United States.

2) His mission was to share his love of and pride for fresh Maine lobster and seafood with customers across the country, bringing smiles to the dinner tables of Americans.

3) The company prides itself on exceptional customer service and freshness despite the fact it doesn’t operate from a traditional storefront. Mark tells his customers that “Just because we’re doing business online, doesn’t mean shopping on GetMaineLobster.com isn’t personal.”

4) Since its inception,GetMaineLobster.com has quadrupled its customer base and sales.

5) Mark’s unique business model and his ability to articulate what he does and how much he loves doing what he does has caught the attention of other industries interested in expanding their own businesses. His new mission is to help other businesses build similar business models and platforms.

6) Mark’s business also caught the attention of Chase. Out of 4 million small businesses that Chase serves, Mark’s was selected, along with two others, to be featured in its 2013 National Ad Campaign. http://getmainelobster.com/BPSChase.

Given the challenges of today’s businesses, including the fast-moving and ever-changing nature of online business, the story of how Mark created a successful business model is a compelling one. There are many established businesses that want to expand, but don’t know how to do that on the Internet; and there are many online businesses that have yet to understand how to inject that down-to-earth, old-fashioned approach to doing business in today’s age of modern technology.

If you would like to learn more and perhaps air or write about this, you can:

· Schedule a brief call with me at 207-522-4076.

· Read more in the attached press release and Mark Murrell’s bio http://getmainelobster.com/mark-murrell. http://getmainelobster.com/press-kit

· Listen to Mark’s story on a video produced by Chase at http://getmainelobster.com/BPSChase or a radio interview at http://getmainelobster.com/maine-lobster-news/1-in-4-million.

· Read more about the Chase campaign on GetMaineLobster.com’s landing page at http://getmainelobster.com/maine-lobster-news/1-in-4-million.