February 20, 2018
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Lubec’s Lost Fishermen’s Memorial Association Receives Royalties

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Lubec, Maine:
On March 17, 2013, Northern Tides Inc., Northern Tides Art and Gift Gallery, held a book signing and meet the author, JD Rule, author of Neap Tide: A Down East Story. Northern Tides celebrated the event on St. Patrick’s Day at the request of JD Rule unaware that the book signing would have significant meaning.

Roughly an hour into the event, JD Rule was joined by Shelly Tinker, President of the Lubec’s Lost Fishermen’s Memorial Association (Lubec’s LFMA) and several LFMA Board members, John Sutherland, Lubec’s Town Manager, Michael Scivani, Lubec Selectman, and Katherine Cassidy, (D) Washington County District 32 Representative and approximately 20 Northern Tides customers. Mr. Rule announced for the first year of the Neap Tide’s sales all of the royalties will be given to the Lubec’s LFMA.

Mr. Rule stated, “Neap Tide is dedicated to Steve Hoyt, a captain and fisherman, who was lost at sea off the shores of New York. Neap Tide is not a novel about fishing; the novel is about people who happen to live in a community where fishing is a deep and old tradition.” Mr. Rule continued, “While writing Neap Tide, I became aware of the toll fishing and commercial fishing has had on our community. For example, since last fall 2012, our community has lost 8 people, our cousins.” Mr. Rule continued to describe how such a loss impacted him and how he observed the loss of the fishermen had impacted the community. That is why he decided that the first year of royalties should go to the Lost Fishermen’s Memorial, as he stated, “It is the Lubec’s Lost Fishermen’s Memorial Association’s mission to keep the lost fishermen’s names before us and remind us the risk every time a crew puts out to sea.”

After Mr. Rule finished his announcement, Shelly Tinker, President of the Lubec LFMA gave an emotional speech describing how her neighbor was lost at sea while fishing in 2009, and from that day forward, Ms. Tinker made it her mission to honor her neighbors and friends lost at sea. “And now, in 2013, through the efforts of many people, the Lubec’s LFMA has a nice piece of land by the sea, approximately $50,000.00, an internationally known artist who will design and sculpt Lubec’s world class park worthy of the men and women who risk their lives every day on the ocean.” Ms. Tinker continued to say, “We, the Lost Fishermen’s Memorial Association, express great appreciation for John’s decision to donate Neap Tide’s royalties to our efforts.”

Debra Kasunic, Owner and President of Northern Tides Art and Gift Gallery, stated, “We were flattered that John Rule chose us, Northern Tides, to be his book retailer and local representative. From the beginning, John, has been very easy to work with when planning the book signing, creating web videos, and spreading the word about the book signing.” Mrs. Kasunic says, “It is very generous of John to give Neap Tide’s first year’s worth of royalties to the Lubec Lost Fishermen’s Memorial Association. And we were very glad that John made his announcement in our gallery.”

To obtain a copy of Neap Tides: A Down East Story, people are encouraged to visit www.northerntides.com, or call Northern Tides Art and Gift Gallery at 207-733-2500.