February 25, 2018
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Lovely Landing Pages: Three Ways to Keep Customers Clicking and Consuming

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The first impressions of a website can turn a searcher into a buyer, or a web surfer into a lifelong reader. For this reason, it’s imperative to have a website design that compels visitors to purchase your product, or to remain long enough to perhaps click some ads and make that website owner a bit of revenue.

In cooperation with www.ds-peterboroughweb.co.uk I created a list of websites that get their landing pages right, and advice on how to emulate some of the best things they do to keep visitors engaged and active:

#1 – The Mail Online
The Mail Online: A sidebar that keeps users clicking

One website that I find myself continually revisiting and giving lots of hits is the Daily Mail Online, in large part due to a sidebar that simply keeps on giving loads of helpful information via photos and fascinating headlines.

This website takes advantage of the fact that any visitor who happens to land on one of their compelling headlines can be driven to many other pages on the site by making it easy for readers to see the headlines in their effective sidebar.

As a reader scrolls down and reads the main article on the left-hand side, which is usually image-heavy as most of their articles are, those same viewers can easily scan a plethora of articles on the right-hand side – and if the headline doesn’t draw them, the photo usually will. This a smart move to keep readers engaged:
#2 – Show the price, show where to pay, show how to get around

Amazon is a monolith for many reasons, and one of those main reasons includes the ease of use of their website. Busy online shoppers need websites to make it a breeze for them to get in and get out with exactly the things they need.

Those things include:

• The price of the product prominently displayed
• Clear instructions on how to buy the goods
• Easy navigation to other categories, customer reviews, etc.

Amazon satisfies all these desires and more with their easy “Buy now with 1-Click” button (in a vibrant orange, might I add), as well as the product prices in an easy-to-read red color.

Their navigation menu is placed in a highly visible location, with approximately 11 links in the menu on various pages that allow buyers to easily click around – or search for the precise item they’re seeking by using the simple search bar located in a nice eye-level location:
#3 – Make it easy to share, and show buyers what they’re getting

Another feature that’s extremely effective when it comes to landing on a page that moves its users into action can be seen on this baseball hats seller website dubbed Dr.Cap
, which makes great use of social media selling by placing the main links to their social networks in a place where followers can find them.

Not only are the clickable icons to their main social pages displayed conspicuously, but the website has also included the code that allows visitors to become a Facebook fan with the click of a mouse or trackpad and “like” their page without ever leaving their website – or tweet it on Twitter and “plus one” it on Google Plus, using the same methodology.

Making it easy for visitors to follow you in this manner can help you grab a potential future customer instead of losing them – and eventually turn them into a buyer by putting forth the extra effort to help them keep up with your updates.

Not only that, but the e-commerce website also provides lots of images of the products so that customers can literally see what they’re buying.

Follow these three tips to adapt your landing page into one that moves products or satisfies customers with greater service and design than other websites offer their readers