February 24, 2018
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Italian and Spanish tutor in North Wales

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Italian and Spanish tutor in North Wales


There is now a great opportunity for those who want to learn Italian or Spanish in your local area. Alessandro Neri, age 32,  offers professional  language training for  busy individuals and business people who need language skills for work, travel and family needs. he also teaches children, both in groups and individually.


As Alessandro explains, “we all know that English is the most used language in the world  today, but also a second language has become of paramount importance, for example, to find a good job.
In business offices or companies that have developed a good export market it is impossible to work without knowing a foreign language  The same can be said for those who want to use their skills abroad.
There are many areas that cannot do without a foreign language: think of tourism, research, information technology, science, technology development …
Those who know a foreign language and keep it refreshed through regular use, have an advantage in many areas of work and have an edge over those who have only school level.
Alessandro adds: learning a foreign language makes sense for two reasons. The first is personal growth, the second is professional growth: you can use the opportunity to work abroad, develop you career or a temporary mission of the company.


Alessandro tailors the courses to your own individual requirements. Classes are held at a venue and time that suit students, whether that be morning, afternoon or evening; weekdays or weekends. One-to-one and small-group options are available to suit everyone from solo learners to businesses.

He offers all types of language training from basic courses, for people with no previous knowledge,  travelling to a country for the first time, to technical courses for doctors or engineers, for example, who need very specialised language, Exam Preparation Courses for people who need to pass a particular exam to enter University or to apply for a particular job, to Business Courses for people who need to learn the language of their field of work.

Alessandro is an experienced language tutor with 5 years teaching experience and a qualification from Cervantes Institute to teach Spanish to the highest level and a qualification from Liceo Institute to teach Italian to the highest level . His background is in Engineering and Science and he aims to provide relevant, rapid language learning in a friendy, professional environment.


For more, call Alessandro on 07771142731, email alessandroneri79@libero.it