February 25, 2018
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Is Your Home Secure? Common Security Mistakes

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Burglars aren’t as smart as you may think. They often need help in completing their crimes. Unfortunately, many homeowners and renters actually help these criminals break into their places by making mistakes.

Common mistakes like having a hidden key in an obvious place makes it easier for burglars to get into your home. Are you making some common mistakes to help potential burglars take your valuables? This isn’t an advice column, just information on the common mistakes people make when securing property.

home security vmistakes

1. Your Neighborhood is Immune to Crime

Your neighborhood may be a great place to live, but it’s not crime proof. A burglary may happen once in 30 years or once a month. It only takes one time to create a feeling of being in an unsafe environment. Remember crime can strike at anytime and anywhere.

2. Not Turning on the Security Alarm

A high-tech home security system is great for helping prevent crime, but worthless when it’s not turned on. It’s easy to forget not to turn on your alarm system. A homeowner may not turn on the system just because he or she is planning to run a quick errand. Unfortunately, it only takes one time for a burglar to get lucky and enter your house when the alarm isn’t set. It’s always important to turn on the security alarm whenever you leave your home. Also, make sure that windows and doors are locked and secure.

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3. Leaving Tools for Criminals to Use

No, it’s not done on purpose. However, leaving tools around the outside of your home is extremely helpful to potential criminals. Typically, criminals aren’t going carry a large bag of tools to their “work site.” That’s why they depend on you. Homeowners often leave various tools on their driveways, lawns, side yards like hammers, ladders, shovels or picks.

4. A Property’s Appearance

Criminals like easy targets. In fact, they often pick properties that look neglected. Broken windows or doors can be an annoying task to fix. However, when these areas of your home aren’t secure, it’s an invitation to a criminal that the property has easy access. Another tiresome task is landscaping. Who wants to mow the lawn? Yet, maintaining your lawn isn’t a task to keep the neighbors from knocking on your door to complain. It also keeps criminals from eying your home as their next target.

Is your property adequately lit? Light keeps burglars away. Why? Brightly lit properties are harder to break into because people can see what is criminals are doing. Electric bills are probably skyrocketing out of control. So one way to deter burglars and keep electric bills low is to purchase motion activated systems that are solar powered.

Exposed areas like unlocked sheds, garages and patio doors are like sitting a bowl of candy in front of a child. To criminals, they are just too good to resist. Unlocked storage sheds house handy items like hammers, saws and other items used to break into your home. Garage and patio doors are easy to forget to lock. Regardless, you want to make it hard for any criminal to break into your home, not easy.

5. Valuables in Plain View

You open your curtain or blinds during the day to let in the sun or for the view. While you are looking out a potential burglar may be looking in your home. If he or she sees something of value, they now have a clear reason to invade your house. You work hard for the items you purchase like antiques or the television. Think twice. If you are going to open your curtains or blinds make sure your valuables aren’t in plain view.

When answering the question “Is your home secure?” you want to think like a criminal. Is there any part of your home that is an easy access point for burglars? Are you employing one of the common security mistakes and don’t know it?