February 19, 2018
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Moving in a hurry? Prepare yourself!

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Having sufficient time to plan before moving is important because it allows you to move safely and without much stress. However, this may not always be possible due to a number of reasons. From evictions and foreclosures to sudden job losses or transfers, the need to move can arise unexpectedly, leaving you with very minimal time to prepare. When this happens, you must have a good idea of how to pack and move in a swift and efficient manner. This is detailed below:

Get Organised

If you need to move out quickly, the term “organisation” ought to be your underlying guiding principle. The first step is to write down a list of the items that you want to pack and the system you would like to follow when moving them. Clip your packing and moving estimates behind your to-do-list. Attach this list to a clipboard and monitor your progress as you seek to attain your ultimate goal. This way, you will stay alert and avoid falling behind your tight schedule.

Consider Hiring Professional Movers

If you have the finances and are forced to move on short notice, then you should consider getting professional movers to pack your items and move them quickly into your new home. This would be a great option for individuals whose employers are paying the relocation costs, as it would save them a lot of time and stress. Ensure that you supervise the movers so they can handle your goods (especially valuables and fragile goods) with utmost care. Conduct your research and choose the preferred moving company based on their credentials or on positive referrals. These companies have the expertise to do a good job in the least amount of time possible.

Split Up – Dealing with young Children

Getting half of your family to move out first while one or two family members stay behind to look after the house can be a very efficient option. At times, packing and moving can be much easier when there are only a few people in the way, particularly if you have young children. Hence if your family has young children, one parent may load the children with some basic items and have them spend a few days in a nearby hotel room or, if possible in the new home. The other parent will then have ample time and space to pack and load boxes without the interferences of daily living. Teenagers may be allowed to join and help during such circumstances.

Inform your Friends

Tell your friends that you need to move out quickly and would like some help on that particular day. For those who at least turn up to help you, buy them lunch and offer drinks. Similarly, for those who stick long enough to help you through the entire process, you may buy them drinks, pizza or prepare a small barbecue for them later in the day.

Get as many Garbage bags, Big boxes and Plastic bins as you can

Use the garbage bags to pack all your clothes and other unbreakable items and tie them up tightly. To have an easier time locating these items later, use a label-maker to mark each bag as socks, winter-clothes, jumpers, t-shirts etc. Another good idea would be the use of color codes to identify the bags and boxes as per the items they are carrying and from which room they originated from. Garbage bags can especially help you transport large quantities of little things quickly.

Use boxes to pack breakable and fragile items. Remember to properly cushion the bottom of the boxes to protect the stored items from getting damaged. And if there are empty spaces in the boxes after you finish packing, you must fill these extra spaces using fillers to enhance safety of the items. You can either purchase these fillers from the market or use items available in the house, such as towels, wadded paper, old clothes and socks. This will keep your items intact and save you from potential losses.

Plastics bins, preferably the clear and see through types, can be used to stack books, picture frames, DVDs and sentimental items. The main advantage of plastic bins is that they can safely store items for prolonged periods of time, and also protects them from dust and water. You can therefore unpack these items at your own pace once you start life in the new house.

An important rule of packing is that you must place the heavier items at the base of the boxes and then place the lighter items on top. This not only gives the box more balance, but also gives you more space to squeeze a few more items. Additionally, placing heavier items at the bottom guarantees safety of the lighter and smaller items on top.

Renting a storage unit

A storage unit can help ease some of the urgency on the day of moving, and free you up in terms of both space and time. It also provides you with a lot of options, for instance, once you have moved your possessions to the storage unit, you can go through them slowly and decide what you need to take across to the new house immediately and what can be stored for a while. This could be an effective way of de-cluttering your home.

Dealing with Pets

Chances are you will not have enough time to take your pets to a dedicated kennel or a holding facility, but you will still want to keep them from getting in the way while you move. A good solution to this would be to ask a family member, friend or neighbor to look after the pets while you finish with the move. Alternatively, you may allocate the pets a room and lock them inside with plenty of water and food until you have finished packing.


Moving quickly has a lot of risks. It is almost inevitable that some items will get damaged, whether you do it yourself or hire professional packers and movers to assist you with the process. Nonetheless, the above tips will help you significantly reduce the frequency of damage and facilitate a more seamless settling process in the new home.

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