January 21, 2018
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Herrmann’s Royal Lipizzan Stallions to Appear Downeast

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Herrmann's Lipizzan Stallions will appear July 20-22 at the Pembroke Fairgrounds, Pembroke Maine. This event will benefit First Light Farm Equine Shelter. Come and see these amazing white stallions perform.

July 6, 2012

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First Light Farm Equine Shelter
207-952-0325 / 207-726-9666

Lipizzaner Stallions to Appear at Pembroke Fairgrounds

Pembroke, Maine – First Light Farm Equine Shelter, a non-profit horse shelter located in Perry, will host Hermanns’ Royal Lipizzan Stallions at the Pembroke Fairgrounds on July 20, 21 & 22. Witness the power and grace of these majestic horses whose history can be traced back over 450 years.
This will be their only appearance north of Augusta this summer.
Founded in the 1500’s for the exclusive use of the Hapsburg Royal Family of Austria, the Royal Lipizzans are unquestionably the rarest, most aristocratic breed of horses in the world. The pride of the Hapsburg Empire, the Lipizzaner breed was first established by Archduke Charles at Lipizza ( now part of Yugoslavia). Only a few hundred have ever existed at any one time. The herd was nearly lost forever when the Nazis invaded Austria in WW II. Hitler’s plan was to create an equine super race, and he ordered the herd moved from the Spanish Riding School in Vienna to a small farm near Houstau, in Czechoslovakia, in 1942. At the farm, about 400 POW’s cared for almost 700 horses.

Colonel Charles Reed, of the 2nd cavalry under the command of Gen. George Patton, responded to a plea by a German veterinarian to save the beautiful and talented horses. Reed launched “Operation Cowboy” and the POW’s along with the herd were rescued. Sadly, two American soldiers were killed during the rescue.

What better way to commemorate this historic and heroic rescue than by putting on a performance that benefits a local horse rescue?

In the Hermann’s Royal Lipizzaner Stallion performance the stallions do the same battle maneuvers they were trained for centuries ago, including exquisite “Pas de Trois,” the “Courbette,” and a complex military “Quadrille.” Gabriella Herrmann presents audiences what she calls “the art of the horse world, a symphony in white.”

Don’t miss three very special performances, Friday, July 20, Saturday, July 21 and Sunday July 22. Shows are at 6PM nightly. Mrs. Hermmann also invites the public to come see the horses up close at the fairgrounds before the performances.
Pembroke Fairground is located on Old County Road, Pembroke. Please be sure to bring a lawn chair or a blanket as there are no bleachers.

Advance tickets will be on sale until Thursday, July 19 and can be purchased at Newcomb’s Gun & Saddle, Rte 1, Perry. Or you may call 726.9666 or email 1stlightfarm@gmail.com