November 24, 2017
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Harlem Superstars Slam Dunk Their Way to Narraguagus High School

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On Tuesday, March 21, 2017 at 6:30pm, The Harlem Superstars, a spinoff of The Harlem Globetrotters, will be performing comedy basketball under the dome at Narraguagus High School. Tickets are $8.00 at the door to help raise money for the Junior Class.
The Superstars bring energy in the gym. It’s electric and surreal at the same time. Something, that is indescribable, unless you are there, being part of something so magical. It’s untouchable. Something, you really can’t put your finger on unless you are there. Kids and adults look forward to it every year.
Anne Wright, a big time fan from Columbia, spoke about watching The Harlem Superstars in the past. “They are fun, and the kids go wild over them. The Superstars do foolish stunts. They get the little ones wound up. The kids come right out on the floor with them. The kids are part of the show. The superstars hit a basketball and they bop the ball off another player’s head,” said Wright. “They give the basketball to the kids in a circle and see what they can do with the basketball. Some of the Superstars are tall just like The Jolly Green Giant. They were wicked tall. When I first saw a Superstar, my mouth just dropped as I was right up close. They had to duck under doors just to get in the gym. They really do some fun stunts on the floor.”
“It’s always a full house with bleachers full, the stage full, and the balcony are always full,” Wright said. “Outside, some people park every different way, just to get in here. It’s a packed house. You should come early to get a seat. Some kids get wound up just like a sugar high. The Superstars never get to old to watch. There are a lot of excited people when they leave. People think it’s great when the confetti comes down. It’s very good entertainment for all. Everyone leaves with laughter and smiles on their face,” she said.
Caroline Foote, is the Junior Class Advisor at Narraguagus. “Everybody expects comedy basketball,” Foote said. “ An interaction with the audience. The Harlem Superstars go to all the elementary schools and entertains the different schools before coming to Narraguagus on Tuesday night. The Superstars do fancy moves on the basketball court. They make half court shot and dunks.Kids are a big part of the it. There’s music playing. They sign autographs after the performance. It’s a community service, it’s a big deal. They are a wonderful group of guys that have families and they love kids. The fans expect them to come back every year,” she said.”It’s our biggest fundraiser.”