January 17, 2018
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Guide Dogs for the Visually Impaired: Everything You Want to Know!

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Walter Woitesek is the current pastor at the North Congregational Church in Groveville, a neighborhood of Buxton. He is also a member of the Consumer Advisory Board for The Iris Network. These two communities, that of his church and that of his board, have decided to pair up and offer a fun, informative coffee hour on Sunday, July 20, beginning at 10:30 a.m.! The purpose of the coffee hour is to give folks a relaxed environment in which any and all questions about guide dogs or the use of a white cane may be asked and answered. There will be two individuals with their guide dogs present. Children are welcome (learning starts young!) and the coffee hour will be just that – 1 hour!

Following are a few do’s and do not’s provided on the Guiding Eyes for the Blind website:
• Ask permission before approaching or petting a dog that is not working.
• Don’t disturb or pet a dog that is working in harness.
• Don’t offer food or treats to a guide dog; unscheduled feeding may hamper the dog’s ability to work.
• If you wish to assist a person with a guide dog, here are a few options:
o Ask if you can be of help
o Offer your left elbow for the person to hold
o Don’t touch or grab the dog, harness, leash, or the person’s arm.

Photo attribution: Courtesy Guiding Eyes for the Blind