December 14, 2018
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“Great Scott!” M.E.S.H shadow cast of Rocky Horror Picture Show celebrates 4th year

Community Author: E.C. Gregg
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Emma Gregg | BDN
Emma Gregg | BDN

The Rocky Horror Picture Show returns to Portland on January 6th and will be presented by Maine Educationalists on Sexual Harmony (MESH), a Portland, Maine-based organization that promotes sex positivity and limitless identity through educational programming.

This is the 4th year MESH has performed a live shadow cast of the 1975 glam rock opera, adding their own 21st century updates to the cult classic. Audiences can expect to do the Time Warp (again) and yell at the screen, but this cast of Rocky Horror uses the film as a vehicle to help audiences engage with issues of consent, identity, and language.

“I think a cultural climate is quickly emerging wherein we need to recognize and be responsible for reframing how we interact with problematic pieces of our culture,” says MESH co-organizer Sara Lynx, who will play Magenta. “It’s possible to love something and see its flaws and I think that Rocky gives us a strong platform to talk about how to do better while embracing the original spirit of the work.”

Ultimately, the most important part of performing Rocky Horror is celebrating the film that gave the world Tim Curry in a corset and fishnets and taught its fans “don’t dream it, be it.”

“This movie is an important part of queer history, and having a space where you can dress up and be as bizarre as you want to has an enduring appeal,” says MESH co-organizer Bee Kay, who will play Brad Majors.

“MESH presents The Rocky Horror Picture Show” will take place at One Longfellow Square in Portland with one performance at 8pm and another at 11pm. Tickets are available online at If you would like to learn more about MESH events check out