January 21, 2018
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Governor LePage apologizes will Maine’s media -National News uncovers what is going on –

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LePage apology to the party starts with the reference to this article of:
Peter Roff is a contributing editor at U.S. News & World Report. LePage under attack http://www.usnews.com/opinion/blogs/peter-roff/2013/08/22/paul-lepage-the-press-herald-and-the-liberal-media-running-amok

A Glaring Conflict of Interest http://www.usnews.com
My comment:
LePage apologized for something he didn’t do to appease? Will the liberal media apologize to the Governor for false accusations in an attempted smear campaign, reporting rumors as facts. We know there are trouble makers in every crowd trying to unseat the Governor. I might have some issue with the Governor, but like the Governor, I’m up front, not a couple of unnamed Republican cowards that attended a recent meeting and decided to use some leverage in their interest. Yes, someone needs to apologize, I believe it is other parties, other sources in on this fiasco to do the apologizing to the Governor. As far as Obama is concern, many citizens are waiting for an apology from him. Plenty of slurs from his lips, the references are on youtube, and from written sources where he threw his own white grandmother under his bus”typical white person’ to make political gain to a certain group. Obama has displayed his bias in his speeches that contained smears of small town people that “get bitter, they cling to guns or religion” no apology from his mouth. So you liberals, and disgruntled Republicans, you tried, but a National source investigated and found you in error and worse, a bias smear campaign. You got issues be upfront, give you name and stand on principle, not some tattle tale from the school play yard. Maine has had 40 years of liberal control. Look where we are, at the bottom of the heap, and you have a problem with Governor LePage? I have a problem with You and those you support.
Sandra Robinson